Tax Time! Are you papers in order???

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This post is mainly a reminder to myself of all the forms I need to get in order before my hubby and I see the tax man in 2 weeks. Yes, we see him early each year. So, I have to gather what forms I can submit now and scan him the rest at a later date. It’s my hubby’s tax man pre-marriage. So, the date holds since the Roman days (okay, maybe not that long). I told him that we need to make it for the mid of February, that way… we don’t have to waste our time scanning more forms and then seeing him one more time to sign the documents. Such a hassle! πŸ˜‰

Although, this article is about setting up a system to efficiently organizing pertinent papers in real time, it also serves as reference to the forms I need to pull for my appointment. Enjoy this article from

Ah, taxes. Are your files up to date? Or in disarray like mine?

I thought I would offer some sound advice for organizing your files.

Setting up a tax file can save you a lot of time and trouble when it comes time to file your taxes. Try these ideas for organizing your tax files. Organize your files into the following categories.

Income– Include pay stubs, W-2s, 1099s, interest statements, and dividend statements.

Medical– File receipts for medical expenses, and health insurance out-of-pocket expenses.

Donations-Include receipts for both cash and non-cash donations.

Real Estate– File interest statements from mortgage, tax assesments.

Child Care– This file is for child care payment receipts.

Tax Correspondences-Include any important letters from the IRS or your state revenue service.

Student Loans – File statements of loan interest paid.

Misc. Receipts-Add any receipts that might be needed for deductions.

Payments– Include any records of advance payments.

Old Tax Papers– File by year your old tax returns.

Taking the trouble to set up a tax filing system now will make it easier to file your paperwork through the year.

Like I just realized that I need to obtain a print out of the child care paid back in 08′. That’s like millions of dollars! lol! Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Tax Time! Are you papers in order???

  1. Lizzie

    Well I am an accountant so mine are not ready for sure. I dont have to do a tax return as my salary is PAYE (so my employer takes my tax each week and pays it over)but I have to do my husbands tax retne. I complete it online so it is due by the 31st January for the year ending April 2008. Ofcourse I dont do it until the last day & talking to other accountants they do the same! I dont know why we are like it but we are. We may have to be inspected later on but basically it can be all over in a couple of online hours for us.


  2. Northern Living Allowance

    Thanks for the reminder..I think! πŸ˜›

    Mine is usually pretty straightforward and I’m lucky in that respect. This year might be a little different what with my little investments (do you claim interest even if you’ve lost more than you gained?!) but I usually manage. Canadians’ taxes are due April 30.

    Thanks for the thoughts for my kitty, too! He’s perked up a bit today which is nice. As for school, I thought I was the only one who hated English!! I’m hoping for a new appreciation of literature and, urgh, poetry.

    We’ll see!

  3. Kathy Storm

    I’m mostly ready except for figuring out how to do the losses on stock I sold last year. That potential headache has me procrastinating.

  4. 444

    I have not received all documents yet, but I wish we could do our taxes now. I know that makes me a lil’ weird.

    And I’m a control freak and like doing it myself (husband is the same way so I look over his shoulder while he completes the return.)

  5. PJ

    Oh I’m dreading taxes, all the while looking forward to them at the same time… messed up is that!!

    well fantastic job getting your information in order!! =)


    I’ve been gathering my papers this week. I usually have everything pretty organized – I just need to start adding up all the medical and such so when I start the taxes I have all the numbers ready.

  7. Money Funk

    Time to reply to a few comments. πŸ™‚ Things have been hectic this week here in my life. lol!

    @ Lizzie: an accountant with the classic Type A personality. I’m the same way… waiting til last minute to complete deadlines. lol!

    @ Frugal Trenches: So, the US has to be all backwards. That is nothing new. πŸ˜‰

    @ Candie: Same here. Least we have til April. lol!

    @ Northern living allowance: U.S. same deadline. I know alot of people are curious how to claim the negative impact of our stocks. If you find an answer… please share! Of course, that is if you use a paper tax return. πŸ™‚

    @ K-money: glad you could stop by. If you plan on using a software program for your taxes, Turbo Tax is a great program that will automate that negative info for you. Causing no Headache. πŸ˜‰

    @ 444: yes, that is why I want to up my appt date because all our forms have yet to arrive in two weeks. So, you and your husband have compatibility w/ control freakiness in your marriage? lol! Glad it works.

    @ shtinkykat: well i hear the IRS is being very lenient with what people owe by offering very good payment plans and interest dismissed. Hope it helps. πŸ™‚

    @ PJ: still need to get the info in order… πŸ˜‰

    @ jpkittie: you are fortunate to be ready. And I think the only one ready for it. ha!

    @ becomingdebtfree2009: Ah, you are just about ready, too. I guess I know what I am doing this weekend (sigh). File cabinet, here I come!

    @ All: Make it a great day. And thank you for conglomerating at Money Funk! :)~

  8. Miss M

    I haven’t gotten a single form yet, but I have enough info to do a rough tax estimate this weekend. I want to see if California owes me a refund.

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