Tally: No Spend Week

Our goal:
To save $158 this week. This is usually money we spend friviously but we are under our Hawaii vacation goal by $200. So, its time to play catch up by having a No Spend Week.

How did we do:
This week we had $358 Cash Allowance for the week to spend on groceries, gas, and entertainment. But this time we limited ourselves. We had allotted $100 a week for groceries and $100 for gas. We came under on both of those. πŸ™‚
Groceries… we hit the store a couple of times to pick up small food items (mustard, hamburger buns, fruit) I guess I under estimated a little. But we saved on not purchasing DH’s prescription (insurance reasons – we have to mail the prescription) and buying fish food until next week (yeah, the fish get their light!)
Gas… I only had to fill up my car once. Usually, I fill it up twice but I avoided it by using some of the tips in my previous post (#10 – slow down – It really does increase your mpg) and I filled up before I was in the No Spend Zone.

How we did:
We hit over our goal at $189.59 (+$31.59)! Woo hoo!

I would do it again. It wasn’t so hard… well, not entirely true. I suffered a bit during the first couple of days, but it wasn’t too bad after. My family can do it again. They are still alive. In fact, we are doing it again in a couple of weeks, so that we can save some extra play money for our camping trip.
It’s a good feeling being able to account for money that would normally go towards unaccountable items. And to know that this money is going towards a big family goal (I am rather excited about being able to take the family to Hawaii)!

6 thoughts on “Tally: No Spend Week

  1. dinah

    yay for hawaii!

    & thanks for being honest about how it was difficult in the beginning. i always find it reassuring to know that others struggle with spending money and with not spending money too. congrats again!

  2. Sharon

    Awesome!!! That is serious savings for a week. If you did it for four, you would have a bunch saved! I look forward to hearing about your second week (in a couple of weeks!)

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