Tales of a Travelling Mum

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of following Alice Griffin on her travels through her blog. Now she has written a book that is a great addition to her blog and am happy to read & review such a fun book.

Alice Griffin (http://www.alicegriffin.co.uk/index.html) is a delightful writer! I’ve had the pleasure of following Alice & her family in their travels through her blog Fanciful Alice (http://fancifulalice.blogspot.com/). This book is a great addition to her blog!


I love how Alice found love with a man who shares her independent spirit for travel and that they both took forth to travel as a family; they didn’t let the hodge podge of daily life keep them down.

When she notes that children do let you see the world with fresh eyes – it’s so true – I can relate as a mother. But, I can also relate to the qualms of being a mother – changing a diaper in an inconvenient spot, the high pitched screams in the face of company, and the need to keep little ones busy. It was a great laugh to revisit these issues in Alice’s book. So no matter whether you are in your home country or out and about traveling you will face the same situations as a mother of a young child. It’s just a matter of choice where you will be doing them. And all these issues lead to some great tips about travelling with baby through out the book.

What I love most about this book – Alice has a beautiful way with words – very descriptive: landscapes, wine, olives, purest blue skies, bliss, front of her apron cradling eggs. It is so descriptive that you almost feel like you are living within its pages. Especially when the family visits Almendra – oh how I want to visit this magical place. Well, without giving too much away…

This is a wonderful book! Especially if you want to be wisked away to beautiful places. A definite must read!

4 thoughts on “Tales of a Travelling Mum

  1. Alice

    MF – Thank you so much for this wonderful review – what a surprise to find it here!!! I am THRILLED πŸ™‚ It’s so lovely for me as a writer to hear that people have connected with my words… somehow it gives meaning to my need to write my little findings down. One day I hope to be reading and reviewing your book πŸ˜‰ xxx PS. Almendra (not real name but ask me when you head to Spain and I’ll send you to the real place!) is the most wonderful place. My memories from there will last forever.

    1. admin

      This is the same review I posted on Amazon.com. I really enjoyed your book. The words are just so descriptive – it was a virtual getaway (darn, read it too fast – lol). I hope to be reading a future book… hmmmm? I really want to visit that vegetarian place in Normandy, too! And not the true name? I’ll be sure to ask you when I get to whisk away to Spain.

      How is finding work or starting a self-made business in that countryside of yours coming?

  2. Mama Bird

    I think I will have to give this book a read. As we are about to embark on our 4th trip to Australia (from the US) with our 4yr old (and 1st trip with our 16 month old as well! Good Lord help us!), I’m sure to find a lot of this book both familiar and helpful. Might find it funnier AFTER this trip though…. πŸ™‚

    1. money funk

      Oh wow, have fun on your trip to Austrailia! I think you’ll do great with the two kids. I got a great laugh from the book when it came to issues with children, because I could totally relate. We’ve all been thru it as mothers. πŸ™‚

      Let me know how you like the book. It really is a worthy read on the couch with a hot cup of tea.

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