Store Refund Policies

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Buyer beware when purchasing gifts. Be sure to inquire about the store refund policies when purchasing Christmas gifts to avoid disappointment this holiday season.

Stores are not required by law to give a refund or a credit note, even if the consumer provides a receipt. Many Stores are making additional changes this year, too.

  • Consumers buying products online may not be able to return them to the store for exchange or a refund.
  • Some store are shortening the time limit allowed to bring back merchandise. (aka – less than 90 days)
  • Software, DVDs, and electronics may not be returnable if taken out of the original packaging.


Refund policies vary from store to store. Although many stores provide a money back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with their purchase, some retail outlets have no refund policy. This means that once a sale is made, consumers will not be able to return the merchandise. In some cases however, stores may offer an exchange or credit note. Consumers should know what their options are at the time of purchase.

Consumers must also remember to keep all sales receipts. Without the bill of sale, a store may accept the return of the merchandise, but may not issue a refund or credit note for the full amount of the purchase. This is especially true if the item is on sale when it is returned. Even though consumers may have paid full price for the merchandise, they may only be entitled to the discount price if they do not have a receipt.

And don’t forget to ask for a gift reciept! Oh ya, make it a Debt Free Christmas this year! pleeaaasssseeee! (I asked nicely).

(Don’t you feel like a manual is needed to make purchases?)

2 thoughts on “Store Refund Policies

  1. Lydia aka Ms. MoneyChat

    ay ya ya, this is the part of gift giving that i can do without. hmm, homemade gifts are becoming more appealing to me! wouldn’t it be nice if gifts were truly meaningful. would i enjoy new clothes or even the wii fit, yep, but i also love the thought of a well thought out gift that came from the heart more than the wallet. this isn’t a complaint by any means, just wishful thinking. perhaps when i have a family i’ll start this tradition. okay, now that i’ve managed to get a little off subject i’ll end by saying … good post;-).

    1. admin

      BINGO! I was thinking the SAME thing – homemade gifts are becoming definitely more appealing (especially with a glass of milk). 🙂

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