Spend Less Menu Week 3

This is not my freezer (doesn’t have the frozen alcohol in it), but my meat freezer in the garage basically looks like this pic! LOL. What’s changed? We haven’t been utilizing Costo. I now semi-bulk up at the grocer’s only as necessary for the week’s use.




Have: $150 to spend on groceries
Spent: $124

This week’s Spend Less Menu Plan

  • Saturday: BBQ Chicken Pizza & Salad (used my coupon I got from Coupons.com)
  • Sunday: Leftovers! (we have a bday party that day – so, I made it a light dinner night)
  • Monday: Omelets full of Veggies, Bacon, & Potatos
  • Tuesday: Tasty Lentil Tacos & refried beans
  • Wednesday: Cream of Mushroom Chicken, white rice, & green beans
  • Thursday: Beef Stroganoff & Salad
  • Friday: Turkey Burgers & Parmesan Zucchini Sticks

So, now we have $126 left for the week. Still need gas for both cars and a small birthday present. Oh ya, DH and I are playing hooky on Monday to walk the beach. Will need dinero for lunch, too. Going to be a tight week! Think we can do it???

Oh ya, we restocked our freezer to with some boneless chicken breast, bread and pizzas. It’s a happy freezer again. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Spend Less Menu Week 3

    1. admin

      Hi, RTC. How is your spend less challenge going? I am going to have to catch up.

      Let me tell you, the lentil tacos are a great, great substitution for “meat” tacos. I think it is the taco seasoning. They taste just like the real thing. Let me know how you like them if you try it out.

    1. admin

      2 lbs ground beef in your freezer. Now what’s in your fridge? Let’s see what we can make up!

      Are freezer is still bare, too. I have a few items, but no where as much as we usually do. But, our family doesn’t seem to be deprived. So that is a good thing!

      Oh ya, btw… I had a bunch of left over veggies (mushroom, tomato, broccoli)…added some pearl barely, white beans, italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and 4 cups chicken broth… Made an awesome soup. My non veggie DH even had some. Oh ya, and topped it with just a minute amount of cheddar cheese. Superb!

  1. Sharon

    The menu sounds delicious! I might have to “steal” a few ideas from you for this week’s menu. I have no idea how much money I have for food for the week…I’ll have to figure that all out tomorrow before I go shopping..You are doing GREAT…hope you had a wonderful walk on the beach! πŸ™‚

    1. admin

      Beach…strenuous. LOL! But, a lot of fun. We had a great time. Weather was perfect.

      How was NY? Good family times?

      I know we decided we are doing fish tacos and…. darn it, can’t think of the other “new” idea. When I remember, I will have to let you know. I’m gettin’ better at Spend Less thing!

  2. Ms. MoneyChat

    do you spend $150 each week or every two weeks? menu planning definitely saves money, i’m so inconsistent with it. that’s one area where i have major room to improve.

    1. admin

      $150 every week. But actually, we only seem to be spending $125 per week. So we are only spending $500 compared to $1200 per week (crazy amount, huh?)!

    1. admin

      Well, the empty freezer thing is a new thing to us. We are such Costco junkies. lol. But we are getting by just fine.

      I need some more breakfast/lunch ideas. So, I’m gonna come over to your blog to check for those ideas. πŸ™‚

  3. Laura @ move to portugal

    Freezer looks good…my favourite tipple πŸ™‚

    I love your menu plans, I must get around to posting mine!
    We’re down to 3 in our house now, so I’m expecting to save a little money on food, just not sure how much yet.

  4. CFO Consultant

    The cheapest things to eat when you want to save money is eggs and pasta. I can buy those chicken sausage things from Trader Joe’s and that’s enough protein to last me like 7 days. It goes with pasta and then you can just steam some veggies. Oh, eating rice is also cheap; always buy rice at Asian grocery stores like 20 lbs at a time. It will last you a year and is cheaper than buying expensive rice at American stores like Ralph’s. Ethnic stores like Asian grocers also tend to have cheaper meat like chicken tenders. You just have know where to shop. Never shop somewhere like Ralphs; even Trader Joe’s is cheaper when it comes to cheese, especially brie.

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