Reusable Grocery Bags

Grocery Bag 014
Well, I tried the 1st reusable grocery bag pattern (by Joann’s). Don’t you love the fabric? Better Homes & Garden fabric. Who knew?!

It’s a huge grocery bag! LOL. You might notice in the picture that I have the paper sac inside the grocery bag to give it substance. You could feel the bag with tons of grocery and my arms will probably drag to the ground due to the weight. haha.

The corners were a bit tricky in this pattern. Instead of the one side/bottom piece, I think that I would cut the bottom and sides seperately. I would also cut down on the size a bit.

Grocery Bag 016

So, I will try the next pattern or modify this one. I haven’t decided if I want to line the fabric. The fabric only cost me $7. Not bad. I could stand to make a few dollars profit. I wouldn’t mark the time it made to make this bag. At least, not in the beginning. Just as long as I could profit over what I paid to make the bag.

The other thing: The “fashionable” reusable grocery bag is going to be hard to stand up to the 99 cent ones in the store. Why? They stand up sturdier and are cheaper.

Or have you seen Trader Joe’s reusable bags (here or here)?

The 99 cent ones and TJs bags are made out of Polypropolene. I think I could make a variable out of Oil Cloth. Hmmm….

The verdict: I will just need to keep testing the grounds with some other patterns and see what comes up. I don’t think I will give up on this project just yet.

What’s your thoughts?

*You know what I just learned? Here places are trying to diminish the use of the plastic bag and replace it with the reusable grocery bag. For environmental purposes, right? You know those ones made out of polypropylene…They are just as bad to Mother Nature! Its just that you don’t have to recycle them after every use. Geesh! It sounds like more of a financial mode to save the companies money than it is an environmental movement. Of course… unless your store is only providing their customers with Canvas bags. πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Reusable Grocery Bags

  1. Rochelle

    That bag is so cute! I am trying to make a small one for those quick trips into the store where I only have a few items and can’t carry them out without a bag. I feel silly carry a big bag for just a few things. Love the fabric!

  2. admin

    @ Rochelle: Thanks! My daughter so wants to take possession of it! That’s what I need too. Because I tend to stop at the store after work for an item or two. I feel silly when I walk out with no bag! And there is so many fun fabrics in the Home decor section.

  3. Sue

    Love that bag. I wonder if you couldn’t sturdy up the bottom with a stiff piece of plastic (?) or something similar that won’t add a bunch of weight.

  4. admin

    @ Sue: Thank you! I was referred to use a stiff plastic found in the needlepoint section. And it’s real light, too. But, I would like the whole bag to have a bit more structure.

  5. admin

    Thanks. Its a great summer fabric. And I love Orange. As for the size… it’ll make a great beach bag!

  6. admin

    Total cost of fabric (cuz it was on sale) was $7, yes. Thanks. I just need to scale down the size. And your idea???? Have to share. πŸ™‚

  7. Ms. MoneyChat

    i volunteer with a nonprofit organization for girls. i think a project like getting people to use reusable bags would be great for them this year. i’m thinking it would be a great idea to have them make the bags and sell them, or just give them away. hmmm. do you think this is something junior high aged kids could make?

  8. admin

    Oh, how cool. Try this link. #2 or #4 would be a great ones to do. And perfect for that age. #2 even has printable labels to use. I think its a wonderful idea. Please let me know how it works out!

  9. Travis

    I’m a BIG fan of reusable bags; not necessarily from a financial standpoint, but because I hate thinking about how bad all those plastic bags are to the environment. Not to mention have you ever gone to the grocery store and gotten everything packed in plastic bags? After a month or two you’ll have about 100 laying around the house!

    1. admin

      Yes, I am culprit to plastic bags *ashamed* And I even did a paper for school on the detrimental effects plastic bags have to the environment.

      It is on my list to make the change over to reusable CLOTH bags. I am disturbed by the fact that store’s reusable bags are made out of harmful stuff, again. If you know anything different about polypropylenes to the environment, please let me know and settle my mind. πŸ™‚

  10. Jessica

    Yes, polypropylene is a petroleum product, and therefore not exactly earth-friendly. However, a polypropylene bag used 50 times (considered the average lifespan, although I have used them far more times than that before they wear out), is far friendlier than a thin plastic one used once. I do prefer ones made of stronger, more washer-friendly cloth myself.

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