My Weekend…

Well, actually it was a quiet, but productive weekend.


  • helped a family, I’ve never met, get through a difficult time
  • donated another 1 1/2 boxes of books to the Glen Avon library
  • took my thrift items from my trunk to Goodwill
  • Learned I have nothing else to purge. It’s time to purge my husband’s stuff. LOL. j/k. Well maybe…

I learned:

  • basil likes to grow in Warm weather
  • spilling sugar water makes for a really sticky floor
  • children really dislike doing chores

If you don’t want to spend money:

  • don’t leave your house (that means no shopping on the internet, too!)
  • throw away those tempting ads you recieve in the mail
  • don’t watch alot of tv – commercials can be tempting

We tried spending most of our weekend at home. Actually, I was trying to get my family to stay home this weekend. This way we wouldn’t spend money, right? Okay, but then I was kind of bored at home. I was bored because I told myself that I was going to take ‘me’ time and not take up any more undue housework.

I realize:

  • I need to pick up a hobby
  • learn how to sit still and enjoy quiet time
  • and ask you, what do you do in your spare time at home?

Thinking about:

  • Planting another veggie garden (once I figure out how to keep cats out of it)
  • downloading a bunch songs onto an ipod
  • reading the rest of Chesapeake (it seems to be a really good book, but I don’t want to hear about the Indian dying in the next chapter)
  • that finding ‘yourself’ seems to be really tough! lol!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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10 thoughts on “My Weekend…

  1. Money Funk

    @ Doctor S: We tried one weekend, this weekend, to spend only on the essentials (groceries and gas). It is tough! But, we did spend lower than usual. Bought two books and one candle (to make the house smell cozy). Now, can I do this for a couple of years? hmmm….

  2. Laura

    Hi Christine; this has been the key to all my debt payoff, staying at home and keeping out of shops. It’s become a habit.

    It’s also, without sounding all ‘new age’, how I’ve found myself and realised what I want in life.

    I now love being at home so much, my husband has to force me out. I’ll happily leave the house for trips though πŸ˜‰

  3. Sharon

    I’m trying not to spend any money this week. (A bit of a challenge, for sure). Staying home all day today should help. We are eating out of the freezer, pantry and fridge…
    And, as long as I don’t open the school backpacks I may just make it…:)!

    LOVE the new look!

  4. Money Funk

    @ Laura: So, it can become habit, huh? That is nice to know as I will keep practicing it. πŸ˜‰ What are some of the things you do to keep you content at home?

    @ Bee: nice to see a new face. Baking, yes. That is a good one. But I am kind of perturbed right now because the last two times I’ve tried making cookies (with the same recipes I always use time and time again)… have failed me and resulted in a bad batch. Hmmm… Persistance may be key to overcoming this one. Thanks for the advice. πŸ™‚

    @ Sharon: its sometimes fun to see what you can concoct in the kitchen with items in the pantry. I wish you much luck in the week forth. And thanks! Lets see if I can keep it.

  5. Shtinkykat

    Christine: That is so awesome for you to help out a stranger. It just shows what a kind heart you have. As to picking up a hobby that doesn’t cost much money… well… heh. I’m trying to figure that one out too! (Does sleeping count?)

  6. Sharon Rose

    Hi there!! I find it hard to just ‘chill out’ too, sometimes I’m itching to do something, even though i don’t know what!! Well done on your achievements to date and hope you find that hobby to keep you occupied!

  7. Lynn

    Best of luck in your quest to lead a more simple life. Sounds like you are on the right track. To save money, we garden (actually hubby does this while I read πŸ˜‰ ), make food from what we garden, go to the library to rent free movies, go to the library to request they buy books we’re interested in (more often than not, they buy what we request; those librarians are GREAT!), write letters to people, bake for people, spend way too much time reading blogs ;). An inexpensive hobby is cross stitch; the fabric may cost $5 to $8, but floss is maybe 50 cents a color? And it can take a lottttt of hours to finish a cross stitch picture. You can get patterns from books at the library, and sometimes you can find kits at a thrift store or garage sale that someone bought and abandoned; then you swipe the fabric from that, even if you are making a different design.

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