My 1st Client

Yeah! I made snowflake money!

As you all know, I started PB consulting. Kept putting little efforts into the thought of starting this side business. Even though I wasn’t 100% ready to go live, I decided to dive in head first. Why? Because, if I didn’t than I would just keep putting ‘little efforts’ with no start. I had to push myself. Dive into the unknown.

I put an ad in on Friday and bam! Didn’t expect that, but it was cool. And I was totally nervous. But my DH is awesome in helping me face my fears.

Fortunately, my 1st Client ended up being a straightforward issue. It gave me the opportunity to see what needed to be tweeked or upgraded. My processes at this time are pretty good. With a few more clients, it will be fantastic!

PB consulting is equal to being a number detective. I love researching and tweeking things until they work. So, I think this was a good decision for me.

I want to take on a few more clients and update my processes before I put in more advertising to build this consult business up.

PS – Thank U for all your inspiration & support! I know I haven’t had a chance to comment on all your blogs as much as I’d like, but just wanting you to know that I still read them just as much.

PSS – The Breaded Tofu was great!

PSSS – Tried a new dessert recipe: Kraft Foods Creamy Lemon Squares. Verdict: Totally worth it if you love lemon. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “My 1st Client

  1. dinah34

    awesome! i think i would really enjoy the detective work as well. i love a good mystery…especially one involving money. πŸ™‚

  2. debtmaven

    Congratulations! What a fab idea for a side business. I certainly feel like I’m becoming an expert. I don’t quite get investing yet, but I have a few years before that’ll be an option anyway. Can’t wait to hear how it goes and how your biz grows. Many kudos!

  3. Cent With Love

    That is so great! And I agree about diving in head first. I’m sure if you’re customers are aware that you’re giving them a deal, it’s only a win-win situation. Good luck on this venture. I think you’ll do a wonderful job!

  4. Christine

    @ all: Thanks you guys! I got some really positive feedback for my work, as well as the compliments.

    This person said, “you are definitely qualified for this” and “you should charge more for your service”. Cool beans!

    This is coming from a person in a high professional job making $115K! Not bad for a first time! πŸ™‚

    BTW, debtmaven: I only do a budget. No investing involved. I plug in numbers and tell them where they can improve (cutting out to eat, etc…). I set up guidelines/excel sheet and they take it upon themselves to work it. Then, I help them stay on course by ‘consulting’.

    You can’t set up a plan and do all the work for them cuz then there are state legalities to follow, etc…

    So with all this, definitely you should dive in and get people out of debt! We are all becoming experts in this. Getting people out of debt one spreadsheet at a time. LOL!

  5. Money Funk

    @ sharon rose: I hope it does, too! Thanks!

    @ jpkittie: I think so, too. We are always blogging about it and kind of know what we are doing. Why not share? lol!

    @ shtinkykat: my 1st client says he is going to send some of his other high professional friends my way cuz he knows they need it! woo hoo!

    @ Ms MoneyChat: Thank You! I plan to work on the kinks this coming week.

    @ Cent with Love: I haven’t tried that, but am gonna search it out. Perhaps my local TJ will carry it. I’m always up for tasty food!

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