Morning Sunshine… financial laughter

I always tell my son, “Morning Sunshine”. It’s my way of telling my son to make it a happy day. Thought I’d pass it onto you. 🙂

So, I was watching TV last night and a commercial came on:

“No Credit! No Problem! Finance a Brand New Dell or HP computer! If you order now you will also get a FREE color printer! a FREE MP3 player! and a FREE 19″ color monitor!”.

Have you heard the above commercial before?

I didn’t look to see what the atrocious finance charges would be… BUT, it’s only $29 a month! I got a laugh out of this commercial.

A lady, in her late 30s, comes on saying that SHE DIDN’T HAVE CREDIT AND NEEDED A COMPUTER! Then the man comes on saying, “I have a computer and started my own business.” “The kids can do their school work” Etc…

Well, I laughed because today I said, “that lady should be worrying about getting out of debt! Not buying more debt!” and “If that man had to finance a computer this way for his business, it isn’t financially sound and probably won’t last that long”.

I laugh because 15 years ago, I would of bought that computer through that advertisement. I was one of those millions of Americans who don’t have a clue about thier finances and didn’t have credit or good credit.


Another commercial (non-finance). Has anyone heard this commercial on the radio? I tripped out the first time I heard it. I have yet to check out the site to see exactly what it is. “For people in a relationship who need something more outside of…” “we cater to both men and women” No serious, it talks how people who need more romance in their life outside of the relationship. Are we really that messed up in America that we don’t value marriage or relationships anylonger???? Okay, before I flip – can anyone tell me if this site really is for extra relationship affairs/romance? I can’t look at work and haven’t had time to jump on the computer at home. Crazy I tell you, Crazy!

*Can you believe the site is legit. Here’s the motto: “Life is short. Have an affair”
It is The Ashley Madison Agency of Married Dating & Affairs. Atrocious, I say! Crazy mad with 27,000 members seeking to cheat. Hmph.

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4 thoughts on “Morning Sunshine… financial laughter

  1. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-It is such a nice feeling to know you just would never go there again, as in loans for things like computers. Being financially savvy is so liberating, LOL!!

  2. Budget Mama

    OMG… I clicked that ashlymadison link and it says ‘Life is short, have an affair’.

    That is truly a crying shame! I didn’t click further or anything so not sure what else it says, but that first page was enough. Sad indeed!

    Regarding the commercial-I definitely would have tried for that PC but now I know a little better.

  3. Christine

    sharon rose: it is very liberating. I am sure that computer would take at least 20 years to pay off! :)~

    frugal trenches: it is amazing what new things you notice when you are ‘outside the box’. just like kids today, wouldn’t know how to survive w/out their cell phone (my child included).

    budget mama: OMG! I can’t believe it’s true. (thanks for checking). It is very sad. And I bet the company is making a pretty penny off of it. What is this world coming to???

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