Money Funk! What the heck is up with you?

Well, I will share with you soon. Have I lost my marbles? Well, maybe a little. Have I gone Earth Day color crazy? Perhaps.

I completed an discover exercise that is helping to align myself with the person I really want to be. Yada yada yada. No, really. I am chasing my dreams and I want my environment to reflect that. πŸ™‚

How do you chase your dreams when you are in debt?
Well, Mufasa I have decided to put my foot forward to blog about living simple in order to release myself and my family from consumerism bonds. To learn how to live without buying more “luxuries” the consumer world offers and find the simple joy in life. To enrich my life with what I have already around me.

Perhaps this interest has to do with the downturn in the economy, that I may be entering a new phase in my life as my children are getting older, that I am tired of sending all my money to pay bills, that I want to start living life today and begin to put forth effort in pursuing those interests I always put off for tomorrow.

Interests in crafting, alchemy of natural elements, spending time with family, enjoying nature, living frugally, and just being a simple me.

I hope you will stay with me or if you are just joining me, I hope you will follow. I will still be discussing finances but in a softer tone that correlates with finding the true joy in my life. πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Money Funk! What the heck is up with you?

  1. PJ

    I personally love the color and look of the blog!! I look foward to keep reading about your journey!!

  2. no more spending

    The new header look great Christine – can’t wait to follow what you’re doing. Simple living rocks!

    Laura, a fellow dream chaser who’s also in debt πŸ™‚

  3. jpkittie

    love the new look – and I am still with you!!!! We are trying to ‘live simple’ too!!! Maybe I will learn something for sure πŸ˜‰

  4. Shtinkykat

    I think you’re setting a great example for your kids. This new path will resonate greatly with your children since they are so young.

  5. Ms. MoneyChat

    love the new blog christine! simplicity is very fashionable and we wear it well;-)

    now, i’m with you as long as you promise to share any simple secrets you rediscover. 1. i say rediscover because i’m certain we are all wired for simplicity but we chose (on purpose or not) complexity along the way. 2. you know i’m with you regardless;-).

  6. Money Funk

    @ PJ: thank you. its kind of a serene color, i think. πŸ™‚

    @ no more spending: Now, lets see if I can pull of living simple. πŸ™‚ I love your dreams! I really need to set a solid dream path. Hmmm… turning dreams into reality. Has a nice ring.

    @ jpkittie: Thanks! I need to live simple. My family needs to follow suit. Or I am never going to get out of debt. πŸ˜‰

    @ becomingdebtfree2009: Thank U! I am feeling quite liberated about it, too!

    @ Shtinkykat: Ya, I hope my kids follow my lead. Oh wait they are going to have to because they either follow my lead or they don’t have it. LOL!

    @ Ms. Money Chat: Thanks! Yes, I agree on the rediscover. We should be practicing simple living. I think it is a necessity for paying off this debt. I am trying to make myself and family comfortable with living simple for the goal of releasing debt. I know it won’t be easy, but I am excited to try. Is there an art to simple living? Hmmm…

    @ Together we Save: Thank U. And releasing debt while raising a family is tough! Especially when I have a teenager at the spending stage and a 8 year old learning to spend. ;)~ Lets see if I can make this simple living work.

  7. Alice

    Well, as simple livers ourselves and having stepped out of consumerism A LOT since packing up and heading off a year ago … I can tell you that your journey is going to be spectacular πŸ™‚

    The greatest lesson I think we have learned so far is that life is what is around us. A new dress only made me feel ‘momentarily’ wonderful, but finding beauty and happiness in free things that are in abundance brings me a much deeper contentment (not to say I’m not partial to the odd new dress on occasion though πŸ˜‰

    I wish you well on your journey and I will be following!

  8. Shawna

    Loving this post and loving your new look!

    I need to take a step back as I entered the world of consumerism a bit. Now it’s time to refocus, so I will certainly still be reading!

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