Money Flying Away…

Now that I am actually trying to Wrangle my finances straight… I have this notion that money flies away. Literally grows wings and flies away! Yup, that’s gotta be it.

This Friday is picking up the pieces from a downfall. No one said this be fixed straight up, right? Although, we all wish it could be that way.

Anyhoooowww, even with that nice stress reliever of a bonus…we (my family) spent too much. We kind of regressed over the weekend – went to dinner, bought take out. You know the drill. I had to take out extra money to cover funds. Maybe not a significant amount, but it has caused me the unavailable funds to STOP!

So, as I was writing this blog…I was bummed because I wasn’t going to be able to pay that extra on Kohl’s. But, then… I remembered I said I was going to be adamant about sticking to my guns and using my increase in salary to pay off bills and NOTHING else – not to cover low funds, buy stuff, etc… Just bad debt.

So, I stuck to my guns. Shuffled a bill around (will still be paid before due date) and paid another mininmally less expensive one. Done. Got Kohl’s CC paid w/ the extra payment and normal payment. Now owe $187.00. YEAH! 🙂

And my bills are still intact and on schedule.

Lessons Learned: Your family has to be with you on this project. If they aren’t than your going to have a hard time.
My husband is with me all the way. The kids…well, they will survive. I don’t think they can croak from complaining.

You have to communicate with your partner about what is being paid, how much, and how much is left to spend for the week on gas, groceries, etc… Work as a team.

This is a project worth fighting for. For the benefit of sanity. For the benefit of health. Are you working on your financial project?