Milestone(s) w/ a funny story

Minor as it may be… we made milestone(s)!

In July I started with $82,985.14 of debt. The proceeding months we tacked on more debt due to school, etc… And we were also building our $1,000 EF account. So, during this time debt wasn’t being paid down.
I just realized that while updating my excel spreadsheet, we have gone below our original debt. We are now at $81,435.77.

Also, my husband finally got his break fixed on his motorcycle. We had set aside $1000.00 to cover this fix. Well, here is how it went (remember motorcycle guys are flaking. may work in your favor):

    Bike guy said he was going to charge him $200 and to pick it up Saturday at 12p.
    Hubby called at 12p. No answer, of course.
    Hubby called, called, and called. Finally gave up mad.
    Hubby & I went out on his bday date to movies at 4pm.
    Guess what?
    Yup, bike guy called at 4:15pm. Movie starts at 4:40pm.
    Impecable timing. Wouldn’t you say?
    Picked up motorcycle.

    Remember motorcycle guys are flaky.
    Bike guy does not write things down.
    Hubby says, “you said $140, right?” and hands him that amount.
    Bike guy looks at him with a funny look and says, “that’s what I said?”
    Hubby, “yes”
    Bike guy, “okay, then!”
    Hubby saves $60 and we go on date (w/o movie). πŸ™‚

Yes, my husband feels guilty about it. But here is why I told him to get rid of feeling guilty. When we had the motorcycle put together, the bike guy told us $6000. When it was through he took us for $10,500. And that wasn’t due to ‘additions’. I would have put up a fight, but its either pay the money and get the bike or don’t pay the money and the guy has a $28,000 bike. What do you do?!

Like I said, the bike guy makes up numbers. Horrible business man, but a really good custom bike mechanic. So, I feel like we just got back a little of what we were overtaken for.

What did I do with the other $800?
$100 Christmas
$288.29 replenished our EF account back to up $1K
$411.71 balance remaining. I haven’t calculated a move for it, yet.

We will probably pay off the JCP bill we racked up during Christmas. I think it’ll be a good move. πŸ˜‰

Make it a great day! ~MF

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11 thoughts on “Milestone(s) w/ a funny story

  1. RTC

    Congratulations on the milestone. When I started trying to pay off my debt, it was a few months before I was below my starting point also. You are going in the right direction!

  2. jpkittie

    That is a wonderful milestone! Goodness girl, we are totally on the same track with our debt payoff progress! Both of us had added to debt & now we are both more then 1k under original debt! Wahoo!

    Keep on Keepin on!!!

  3. PJ

    much congrats!!!! I am super excited for you!

    and way to go to sticking it to the motocycle guy! haha – what goes around comes around is my opinion!!! =)

  4. Money Funk

    @ RTC: thank you! It’s quite an adjustment period getting used to budgets, spreadsheets, curbing bad spending habits. I like how the tracking line curves down now! lol!

    @ jpkittie: how funny that we are moving the same pace with approx. the same amount of debt. I say were doing good! lets keep it up! πŸ™‚

    @ pj: TY! I have to agree with your latter statement. It such a beautiful bike, but I told my hubby he can’t ride it. I don’t want something rattlin’ off it more! lol!

  5. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-way to go, Christine, you are doing so well and I think it is because you track everything so carefully. Keep up the good work!

  6. Money Funk

    @ Sharon Rose: I think the trackin’ does have something to do with it. Tedious! But if its gonna work for me then so be it! πŸ™‚

    @ Shtinkykat: Can’t wait till I knock the SLs! But those are the last in line. Although, I am coming up on the big bills real soon. Yeah!

  7. Money Funk

    @ Budget Mama: Thank you. Hope you had a nice holiday. And we did have a nice date. Drink, Food and playing quite a few rounds of House of Dead 4 @ Dave and Busters. πŸ˜‰

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