Merry Christmas!

Other than being hit by a mild, but irritating case of the flu… things have been getting cheery around here. We wrapped presents for what feels like hours! We didn’t even buy that much, but geesh! Least they are done. I am seriously considering putting “hiring someone to gift wrap” in the Christmas budget next year. Do you wrap your own gifts or do you pay someone to do it? We have the local high school band available to do this type of service – I may just take them up on it!

As I winded down in bed for a couple of days to rest and tweet (@moneyfunk)… I now have quite a few batches of cookies to catch up on! Eeks. But I am ready. The butter is softening on the counter as I type. I am going to have to run to the store for some raisins… can’t make oatmeal raisin walnut cookies without them! LOL.

Midnight mass will be attended tonight…. Children tucked into bed…gifts will be put under the tree…. And then, Christmas morning will arise to breakfast, coffee, gifts, and family joy.

From my family to you and yours:

Merry Christmas!

PS – I have some great updates about my experience with getting a loan
from Lending Club and the husband and I paying off some credit cards & a personal loan. Wacky but great experience with results that made our husband and I very happy.

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  1. money funk

    @Sharon, Laura, and April: I had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you. I hope yours was just as joyful. The time off is nice, too. πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful New Year’s too!

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