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I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I’ve been keeping quite busy sewing up some tres chic cocktail napkins for the Etsy shop I am going to start. Totally keeping me busy! (fyi – As your host, I am totally excluded from the contest, but am determined to learn the courage & confidence I have to push my Earn More skills!)

I just wanted to do a quick post of this week’s menu (Menu Plan Monday hosted by

  • Sunday: Frito Lay Casserole & Salad (didn’t have last wk. due to friend’s dinner)
  • Monday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Soup, and Fruit
  • Tuesday: Fish Tacos with Slaw and Chips & Salsa
  • Wednesday: Chicken, white rice, and veggies
  • Thursday: Steak, baked potato, and veggies
  • Friday: Chipolte Salmon Burgers, pasta salad, and fruit
  • Saturday: College Football food – taquitos, meatballs, chips & salsa, etc…

How are your plans/progress for the EMC (Earn More Challenge) coming along? Make a great start to the week! ~ Money Funk

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Ms. MoneyChat

    your menu looks so delicious, as always. hmm, let’s see, can you share your recipes for fish tacos (i can’t have enough of them so the more variations i have, the better) and chipolte salmon burgers?

    1. admin

      I am trying to get away from the repetativeness in my menus. So the fish tacos… breaded white fish fillets or fish sticks, corn tortillas, sliced cabbage, a sauce of sour cream + milk until consistancy of your choice, and some hot sauce to top it. Wha la! Easy Peasy. lol.

      I am sure you have a better recipe to share? Oh, maybe a black bean & tomato salad or some sliced mango would go good with it as a side.

      And the salmon chipolte burgers I bought from Fresh & Easy. Hope they taste as good as they look 😀

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