Menu Plan for the Work Week

Of course, not my pic πŸ˜‰

Menu Plan for the Work Week:

  • Monday: Meatloaf Muffins w/ Stove Top*, mashed potatoes and veggies
  • Tuesday: Teriyaki Salmon, white rice & steamed baby bok choy
  • Wednesday: Grilled Steak, baked potato & Veggies
  • Thursday: Fannie Farmer’s Classic Baked Macaroni & Cheese & green salad
  • Friday: Eat out!
  • * New recipe to me

    Why just the work week? Well, lately due to football season have been visiting a friend’s gathering stuffing our faces w/ bbq or junk food. That… or we are lackidasical and usually have leftovers or Hambugers/Hot Dogs. Simple weekends.

    BTW, last week’s menu update. We tried a couple of new recipes I wanted to give you my feedback on.
    The Campbell’s Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas are definitely a keeper (and simple, too!)
    The Bacon Alfredo Sauce… gonna have to experiment more. My addition of bacon made the sauce too salty. And the Alfredo is a rich sauce cuz of the cream cheese. My take: the sauce may be good without the addition of the bacon. Personally, I think I want a lighter sauce. So, I’m gonna have to find another recipe.

    Make it a great week! And if you have any daily dinner ideas I would love to hear about them. Always looking for new ideas! πŸ˜‰

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    11 thoughts on “Menu Plan for the Work Week

    1. Cent With Love

      Menu looks wonderful!

      Wanna hear something funny? I went into the control panel of a food blog I deserted a couple months back when I got food poisoning from TJ’s Peanut Butter…and there was an unmoderated comment from YOU!!! What a small world the internet is, huh?

    2. Money Funk

      @ shtinkykat: lol! well, I am trying… since today… eating right. That way I don’t feel totally guilty mackin’ on the junk. haha! I am glad it will end soon. Go Arizona Cardinals! πŸ˜‰

      @ sharon rose: I love this recipe! very tasty.

      @ jpkittie: lol! why do the things that taste the best are soooo bad? I was just thinkin’ that about butter. So tasty, but so bad. Glad you had a great time this past weekend!

      @ cent with love: thank U, but it needs more veggies. I love my veggies. everyone else? ya… they don’t care for them.

      and I remember that PB comment. tis a small internet world. lol! Fortunately, that is the only prob I had with TJ.

    3. Miss M

      I love the quick alfredo sauce, I discovered that recipe about a year ago. You’d never think it would work, it’s like magic. I think the bacon is probably overkill, too fatty. I love mac and cheese and eat it probably once a week. Again not diet food.

    4. Money Funk

      Miss M: So, I will have to make the alfredo sauce w/out the bacon. I love All Recipes for their star ratings. Makes my life so much easier!

      Budget Mama: Yes, it is one of those high fattening comfort foods. Its one of those family favorites… no actually, its sad, but the kids love their box mac. You should make a bunch and freeze it in mini batches to accompany your regular meals!

      Ms. Money Chat: for a normal mac n cheese, I think it is a might yummy recipe. Especially when you let the cheese crust on the edges! “Unused at the moment”… what is that about???

      Over Cubicle Wall: I loved the new teriyaki sauce! And sorry, I took the left overs for my work lunch the next day. Was really yummy! ;)~


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