Memories & Moments… Priceless

It all started with a thought about what else I wanted to adorn the house with during my future Halloween decorating moments. “I need vintage B-rated horror film posters”, I thought. “Like from the House on Haunted Hill and The Birds.”


And then I reminisced about the things I used to fancy when I was younger and I remembered “the box”. What is the box? It is a heavy metal military box that holds my most cherished memories of my past years. The box, a personal memory of an exboyfriend who sprayed an art display on it. To be 19 again.

Inside the box…a wired cat twisted from a wire hanger and given by a friend while being silly; a set of rennaisance wedding cards I never used but found to be beautiful while I was shopping in old town; a bottle of perfume that still smells as beautiful as when I recieved it for Christmas (but perfumes give me headaches – so I can’t wear it); comic books from my friend’s multizillion book collection – I recieved them when we were putting them all in alphabetical order on the living room floor; essential oils that remind me of camping with my friends around a bonfire; an old journal filled with the relics of a past love; congratulation cards on giving birth to my son and daughter; old Doc Martin shoe laces with smiley vampires on them. It was quite enjoyable to think about all this, the happy moments of my life. All carried in one big, heavy metal box.

Then it made me think of the things that made me happy today. Did I tell you about the 3 pregnant coworkers in my office all due 2 weeks apart from eachother (there is only 4 of us in the office – no, I am not pregnant – I am thinking about getting this as a baby shower gift – a totally useful gift!).

Then the one across my office and there is the friend on work campus that is pregnant with triplets (her first pregnancy – eeks!). And I ran into another coworker who is preg, too. It’s really cute to see a bunch of happy pregnant people!

My son has been in a really good mood, too. I think there may be a girl. But anyhow… he has been funny & more sociable with me and his stepfather; laughing and talking. It’s a nice change. It’s nice to see him opening up to us.

And my daughter with her fascination for skinny jeans and the perfect hairdo (she is only 9!). Her cute purple ballet flats. It’s too cute.

My cats jumping on my bed in the morning to say ‘hello’ and ‘feed me’. I love the purr of a cat. They own me. πŸ™‚

The rest of the happiness I will keep within my thoughts. Have you thought about what makes you happy today? And can you count how many babies I talked about coming into the world within weeks of eachother??

7 thoughts on “Memories & Moments… Priceless

  1. Ms. MoneyChat

    5 babies? hmm, what makes me happy, let see here … okay, family, friends, my brand new wii (LOL) uhm, good food and nice weather. yeah, those things make me happy.

    1. admin

      Tis wrong on the baby count!

      My daughter so wants a wii. Do you have that FIT program? I want to try the yoga. Oh, nice weather, too. It’s kind of hot today (only to get hotter – 90 degrees – some Fall season!). Mmm… and good food (drool). lol. Thank u for sharing. πŸ™‚

      1. Ms. MoneyChat

        no, i don’t have FIT yet but it’s next up on the list. there are sooo many additions to the wii that i feel like i bought a car with no engine, radio, seats or windows. lol. heck, you have to buy this and buy that and buy another one of these, etc, etc. by the time you finish pimping it out, you’ve spent close to $1K. the game only comes w/one remote so depending on how many people you want to play at once, you will need to purchase add’l remotes. whew, there’s just so much add’l stuff to buy. on a more positive note, I LOVE IT!

        1. admin

          Just don’t throw the handheld controller thru the TV πŸ˜‰

          And $1K is not in our budget for love. LOL. Sounds like it could be good for a get-to-gether at the house. Cocktails and Wii, anyone?

          1. Ms. MoneyChat

            and neither do i! heck, i could use that $1K for my clothes;-). but yes, it’s something i could have for a long time because there are so many pieces and games. i’ll just add as i can. right now, i’m enjoying my one remote and all the games that come on wii sport (which comes w/the console).

    1. admin

      That would be an whimsical poster, too. Could call. I love the movie Haunted Honeymoon with Gilda Radner & Gene Wilder, too.

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