Memorial Day Weekend – Farm to Table

Mint Iced TeaIt’s Memorial Day Weekend here in the States. And you know what that mean…Beach & BBQ on the Grill with friends & Family!!!! *Woo Hoo* (And a 3-day weekend)

So, I am reading this great book called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (P.S.). It’s about a family that takes the challenge of moving to the farm for a year to eat local farm food and grow their own; the sustainable movement. They are brave people. But, what I really like about this book is when they started discussing how to throw a 100+ guest list party with only local foods. It was neat to read how farming families pull their resources together to make a wonderful party. One person may have free range eggs, the other free range chickens and someone else had lettuce beds to make wonderful vinaigrette salad. Or rhubarb & strawberries in the garden to make the crisp for dessert (the one I will be trying in a couple of days).

So, what does this book have to do with Memorial Day Weekend? Since it is my challenge to break the bounds of consumerism I have decided to try and cook most of my meal using locally harvested food from the Farmer’s Market. And I wanted to share my menu:

Lemonade and/or Moroccan Mint Iced Tea
Cherry tomato & mozzarella skewers with Basil
Corn on the Cob
BBQ free range chicken
Potato Salad with Bacon-Vinegar Dressing
Baked Beans
Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

I can pick up the lemons, cherry tomatoes, corn, strawberries and rhubarb at the farmer’s market. The mint and basil is from my own garden. From our local natural grocery store I will get the free range chicken and mozzarella cheese. Everything else I already have in my pantry or fridge.

I can’t wait until the BBQ. I am salivating already! I’ll let you know next week if this menu proves to be frugal, too.

What’s on your menu? Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend – Farm to Table

  1. Living the Rural Dream

    Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog … I must add you to my blogroll NOW as it was a nice reminder to find you again! I love this book … my copy is well-thumbed! I found it really inspirational and thought-provoking. A good balance between their personal story and interesting facts. We had a BBQ last weekend – I’m sure you will have a wonderful local time! x

  2. April

    I started reading your blog about 2 weeks ago–really enjoy it. When I saw you were reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I had to comment! What a GREAT BOOK!!! Barbara Kingsolver has always been a favorite of mine (her fiction), but this one takes the cake. I think I have read it 5 times already–I have places tabbed as I go through my own gardening adventures this year.

  3. Money Funk

    @ Living the Rural Dream: Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I totally envy you and your family for your adventure seeking. Yes, you’re right. It is a good balance. And the BBQ… is growing from a few people to many. LOL!

    @ Sharon: I just love getting together with friend. Have a great time! πŸ™‚

    @ April: Thanks! You probably have seen it morph many times. LOL. Well, I think I will keep this format. Fits well with me.
    I didn’t know she wrote fiction. I happened to stumble on it through one of my magazines. Sounded like perfect reading. And I was right. I am so glad that I am reading this book. It really is an eye opener. It totally makes me think twice about growing/buying local versus buying at the grocery store. 5 times! It is very resourceful for gardening. I like seeing what is in season during certain months (not like the grocery store that has it all). I can’t wait to make the Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp recipe from the book. Sounds sooooo yummy. πŸ™‚

  4. admin

    @ April: Thank you for the suggestion. I love a good read. At the moment I am stuck in the month of July. πŸ™‚

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