Let the game begin!

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Ready! Set! Go!

Have you been cleaning out the closets? The Garage? Are your fingers typing to write up an article? Do you have your fabric & sewing machine to craft a great project? What is YOUR way to Earning More in September?

Being that there is only 4 days of September in this week (already September?) I think it may be slim that we are rolling in the dough at this moment (although not impossible). So, I thought I’d suggest to You for this week’s blog post…. blog about your intentions. How do you plan on bringing in the money?

If you are still lost in thought be sure to check out these links for help:

And please, if you need any help or a shout out for encouragement…don’t hesitate to ask! Leave a comment. Readers… I have nested comments. So make it a discussion effort. Feel free to say, “hi” to someone. I can’t wait to hear of some of your ideas and/or efforts. Make a great Start! Happy September!

12 thoughts on “Let the game begin!

  1. Debt Ninja

    I’ll be earning more by going on a business trip for 6 weeks in which I am required to work an extra 8 hrs of overtime each week. That should put some extra cash flow in these pockets πŸ™‚

      1. admin

        LOL. That’s okay. Ninja is going to a place where he can walk to the whole island. But he is going to have some beautiful views (u are going to take pics right, Ninja?). The fact is…he’s gonna make some killer money to gazelle that student loan.

        1. SS4BC

          Haha – I have to say, I am a BIT jealous of his island adventure – even if I never heard of the island. =)

    1. admin

      Yeah for finding a dime! Hey, you are $0.10 richer. I saw your comment about being able to find a good stash of cans to recycle. That has the potential to bring in some great money. Let me know how it works out! πŸ™‚

    1. admin

      I know what you mean. But finding some really groovy crafts to keep you at home may work. Or perhaps is a good time to stay home and declutter.

      As they say, September is a good harvesting month. Harves the clutter and make some cash. πŸ™‚

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