Kern River Camping & Good Links

We just returned from our 4 day camping trip at the Kern River. Where we survived heats reaching 112 degrees (why do we subject ourselves to this?)!

Our Campsite View

We were able to see the Trail of 100 Giants, drink really good Vanilla Milkshakes and eat Turkey Patty Melts, and just wade in the “beach” drinking our beers. My daughter had a blast!

A bit sunburnt, but all was worth it!

I wanted to share with you a few pictures of our trip (and the magnitude of the trees) and some worthy links of good reading (while I get resituated at home).

Trail of 100 Giants

Without further adieu I present:

Man vs. Debt: 5 Non-Personal Finance Blogs I read Religiously – Great inspirational links to read by!

Enemy of Debt: 12 Steps to Debt Free Addicts Anonymous – Gotta love this one! I pledged. Will U?

Budgets are $exy: Visualizing life without debt – It’s a perfect visualization to want to live by!

Pretty Flowers between the Giant Trees

Plonkee Money: Money isn’t the Same in my Head – How money in the mind versus in the hand have different projected goals.

Get Rich Slowly: What if you don’t plan to Retire? Save Anyhow! – Even if you don’t plan on retiring, saving money is still a necessity.

Frugal Dad: Living off the Grid – I want to break my chains. What about you? Here’s a great post to help with those thoughts.

Why do we subject ourselves to Kern River Camping in such crazy temperatures? The view below… calming, quiet, picturesque views and the great “beach” that lays below it.

A calming view outside our tent

Happy Reading!

*To see whole set of pictures, click HERE

8 thoughts on “Kern River Camping & Good Links

  1. admin

    Can you see my 9yr old standing next to that tree?

    The picture doesn’t do justice on describing the massiveness of these trees! It really was very beautiful and tranquil. I am glad that we took the time to go. I’ve been Kern River camping 3 years (unlike my husbands 30+ yrs camping here) and we didn’t know the trail existed. Thanks to the internet I can find anything!

  2. Brad @ enemyofdebt

    Oh I m SOOO jealous! What a camping trip!! My 3 year old LOVES hiking and I am pretty sure he would love those huge trees. (I see your daughter, but didn’t at first because I was expecting her to be bigger next to the tree.) Then I realized where you were, and then I saw her. LOL I have been there once and it was absolutely beautiful! I even saw the tree with the road going through it. HUGE TREES! Glad you had a great time!

    Thanks for the link love, and since the one from Budgets Are Sexy includes me as well, then I guess I should thank you twice! So thanks again! LOL

    1. admin

      My daughter is so tiny next to that tree. LOL. I had a great time. Thanxs.

      And you’re welcome. A good article(s) deserve good attention. Now keep writin’ it! 🙂

    1. admin

      I guess I should put a caption underneath the pic huh? Its like being a Oompa Loompa in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. LOL.

  3. Sharon

    The pictures are awesome Christine!!! The weather seemed a bit warm, huh? We are experiencing cooler weather at the lake…mornings are 60 degrees and only reaching 80 during the day…Actually quite nice! Glad you had a good time!!!

  4. admin

    Thanks! If you want to see the whole set, go HERE.

    Jealous of your weather. I would of much enjoyed those temps. Glad U R having a great time!

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