Intelligent Conversation with the Daughter and what I did this weekend

Good Morning, fellow bloggers (or afternoon or night – depending on when you are reading this blog posting).

So, on my way home last night, after picking up the daughter from school… we decided to discuss the Presidential Election on McCain versus Obama.”Well, I think McCain would be a good president”, she says with a fury speed like she is wound up on tons of sugar.

Me: “Why would McCain be a good president?”
Daughter: “because he would.”
Me: “but you have to know why he would be a good president?”
Daughter: “because daddy says he will be a good president!” (LOL)

Mind you, my husband is a die hard republican. But, then she brings up…

Daughter: “no, I change my mind. Obama would be a good president.”
Me: “Why?”
Daughter: “because he is a good speaker and he would be the first brown president.”
Me: “That is true. He does have that going for him and it would be the first time.”
Daughter: “and because I heard that Obama wants to make the school days longer and McCain wants to shorten the days. It would be good to have them longer because kids could get smarter.” (LOL)

I had to explain, that although I have not heard that argument before, it would be the school year and not the days that would be affected. It would be a shorter summer vs. the traditional school year.I got a kick out of having an intellectual conversation with my daughter. And a 3rd grader wanting longer school time because kids will get smarter. She has such a blessed mind. πŸ™‚

In the end, she is still undecided who she would vote for as our president. She realizes that there are good points about either president, its just who would be better for the position. “This is hard”, she says.

US Bloggers: Happy voting to whomever you elect! πŸ™‚
PS: If you wear your ‘voted’ sticker at Starbuck’s, you will get a free cup of joe!


What I did this past weekend:

Cleaned out the boxes in the garage! We bought a mass of color coded rubbermaid boxes. Orange for Halloween, Olive for Christmas, and Green for Camping. No more cardboard boxes! And we ended up taking a heap of stuff to the charity shop. I was also happy to find that our city recycles old TV and computer monitors there, too. That totally helped – completed two task in one trip.

Also, I cleaned out the guest bathroom cupboards and organized everything! Rubbermaid containers are the best for organizing.

One room at a time and its making a huge difference. Let alone filling up the trash can. ha!

Make it a great day!

6 thoughts on “Intelligent Conversation with the Daughter and what I did this weekend

  1. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-a very productive time you’ve had, decluttering and clearing out, good for you!! Your daughter has a wise head on her!!

  2. jpkittie

    how cute! I love to hear the arguments of children! they are so innocent & maybe we should listen to them more often!

  3. Money Funk

    sharon rose: it feels great to declutter! Now, what can I clean out this coming weekend??? πŸ™‚

    jpkittie: kids can say the neatest things. And I agree, we should probably listen more because there minds are not really biased yet.

  4. moneymatekate

    My littlest sister was 9 when Bush the First was elected. A week before the election, my dad got his hands on half a year’s worth of Newsweek, Time, etc. to spend some time separating hype from fact and pick who he was going to vote for. Littlest took the discarded magazines, read them, and while my parents were inside the booth, broke the law by chanting “Vote for Bush or I’ll die!!!”

  5. Christine

    moneymateKate: Oh, the things children are capable of. LOL! Thanks for the evening tidbit that brought about a good chuckle. πŸ™‚

  6. debtfree2009

    It is interesting to hear our kids perspectives on things. I love to hear the perspective of children. There perspective is not muttled by bias at such young ages.

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