I wrote, they Spoke

Response from Cooking Light:

Thanks for writing. You are not the first person to write in complaining
about this offer. As far as I can tell, this is NOT from Cooking Light. It
seems to be from a third-party subscription vendor.

I have forwarded your e-mail to our consumer marketing director and she will

[signature name not presented on post]

Verdict from MF: Thank you for writing back so quickly. I am glad that it is not you, CL.
Then its a shame that a 3rd party is using your good name, Cooking Light, for their marketing schemes!

Come to think about it… I saw a search in my Feedjit looking for Time Magazine with a $183 check, too. Mass scam from some 3rd party going on! Don’t get caught up in it!

3 thoughts on “I wrote, they Spoke

  1. shtinkykat

    This is proof that you should write to complain about questionable practices. It puts the legitimate company on notice that someone’s violating their trademark and reputation. And it gives you the peace of mind that a company you trusted is not scamming you. 😀

  2. admin

    @ Cubicle Wall: I would definitely go after them too!

    @ Shtinkykat: I say, CL is just lucky that they put forth such great content to read and cook. lol! I am glad I did complain. That marketing company should be legal punished in my book.

    Have a wonderful Holiday weekend. Don’t you just love 3 day weekends?!?!

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