I want a life like this and week

So, Millionaire Mommy Next Door did a wonderful interview with Billy and Akaisha Kaderli. I think it is a lifestyle many of us dream about (as you will see when you read). Me, I intend to research it. I have been devising a 5 year plan (thank you to No More Spending for springing the idea!) that will help me to grand scheme a similar lifestyle of my dreams (will post soon).

Which has me wanting to ask you? How frugally restrictive are you willing to become to execute a grand scheme? And is your significant other (if applicable) willing to go with it?

I am trying to get my hubby to cut the cell phone, cable tv, and internet bills (imagine how creative one could become because of this or how much more quality family time could carried out). I don’t feel we use this things enough to account for the money we put forth. This frees up $400 a month and will allow us to obtain our ‘goals’ much sooner. But, he is not jiving. Says he is not giving up anymore. Anyone had similar experience? And how did you deal?

Mental Note:
future posting:

  • My 5 year plan
  • Enjoy the day! Especially knowing you are one day closer to the weekend!

    And don’t forget to R.E.A.C.H. for your goals!

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    13 thoughts on “I want a life like this and week

    1. Sharon

      Can’t wait to read about your 5 year goals!

      I, too, thought about giving up cells, cable, etc. It would be a disaster in our home, I’m afraid.

    2. Sharon Rose

      Hi there-He may be more willing if you had specific goals as such? I suppose its hard to give up things now for something in the future, a plan sounds like a good course of action for you.

    3. 1MansMoney

      If I had to, I’d give up cable and possibly get Netflix or something similiar. We use our cell phones for all calls and do not have a home phone. Eliminating the internet would be rough, but if you have a library close by, you could always use their computers. Still a tough pill to swallow.


    4. Money Funk

      sharon: Will post soon. πŸ˜‰
      Ya, it would probably be a disaster for us, too. That my kids would have to suffer with dial up or going to the library. That my hubby could only watch sports that is televised on regular tv. lol! Me, I like the drastic approach. I think they would become rather creative in their need to survive. lol!

      dinah34: 20yr plan, huh? Well, my 5 year will be more of a transitioning plan. change of careers and lifestyles (since, I want to travel and my hubby wants to retire). I am all up for acheiving the financial part of it sooner!

      Ms. MoneyChat: just got cable huh? I just hate the whopping bills that come with it. I don’t watch enough to make it seem worthwhile. The rest of my fam… well they probably get too much of it. πŸ˜‰

      SharonRose: I hoping my plan may help him see the right path. lol. maybe not right, but true? He is planning on retiring this year and I don’t think he sees the reality of how shifted finances will be and what we can truly afford comfortably. Hmm… taking it day by day.

      1Man’s Money: Thank you for the male perspective on things. I thought about ridding the landline. We paid $45 for that and rarely use it. So, I just eliminated all the bells and whistles to cut out bill in half. Now, the man is missing his caller ID! lol! It’s all telemarketers anyway and I told him if its important enough, they will leave a message. Right?

      Ya, the interent would be rough. I guess I am stuck on me. I am at work so much that i don’t use it much at home. My DH..none at all. DD is starting to get hooked. Its my DS that is really hooked between his Xbox and Final Fantasy game. He would crash and burn.

      So, then I guess my option is to make more money! Any good ideas for making a substantial amount of Xtra money? πŸ™‚

    5. Over the Cubicle Wall

      Cable, cell, internet are three pretty hard things to give up. Maybe give up one of the three? I do without cable, but have the other two. No land line though, so cell replaces that.

    6. jpkittie

      I am really looking forward to reading of your 5 year goals! I haven’t really even thought of them… Maybe I should give them a thought?

      nice try for giving up things. That would save you a ton! I didn’t realize how much it was for you! Maybe you could check a few different options? Maybe check into ‘go phones’ the prepaid ones. What about packages for cable/phone/internet?

    7. moneymatekate

      I need internet and cell for my business, and I need cable because there is no reception in Manhattan without it. Otherwise I would probably give up cable and watch favorite stuff on hulu.com or something.

      This isn’t meant as criticism, but you say things like “the lifestyle of MY dreams” and “MY 5 year plan”. If they’re not something that your husband is enthused about as you are, then I’d have to say it’s not really fair to expect him to sacrifice his cell phone and whatnot – for 5 years.

      I kind of bullied my now-exhusband into a short-term us-but-mostly-me plan that involved about 6 months of pared-down living, but I don’t feel the least bit bad about it because his aversion to “hassle” did bad things to his/our bottom line the last 18 months of our marriage (no, it wasn’t why we split, though it did become a shining example of my “selfishness” when the time came). Plus, I left him in a better financial position than he would have been had I not been in his life the previous 4 years.

    8. Budget Mama

      I tried to cut a lot out of my budget, but I was not able to totally give up things. I just modified and cut back on certain things.

      Look foward to your 5 year plan!

    9. Shtinkykat

      Looking forward to your 5 year goal. But, it’s funny that you should mention this since I was just discussing with my friend that I’d forego the daily luxuries to save for an extravagant vacation.

    10. Money Funk

      @ Over the Cubical Wall: yes, the DTV would replace the cable. The cell phone… well, I survived w/out one before. lol! Anyhow… it is very tough trying to w/ ‘gazelle’ intensity when everyone is not on the same page with each other! πŸ™‚

      @ jpkittie: thanks. again, they are more transitional goals that will help to meet both mine and DHs goals together. At least that is my intention!

      Well, i just got my new phone bill (cut out the bills and whistles and I saved $25. that was nice.) I am going to keep looking at options. My DH wants the sports package. Wonder if the package below ours has it on there?? Have to check it out. Then I would save more! πŸ™‚

      @ MMK: Critism excepted here. πŸ™‚

      You’re right. I do have a tough time meeting in the middle w/ my DH. Being 18 years difference makes it tough. I have 2 kids to put through college and wanna ‘live’. He is planning on retiring and being a homebody. We both accept this between us, but it makes it tough at times!

      I spoke to my DH about my 5 year and he is in agreement with it. (finally – lol!) Because it will help to live both of our (seperate) dreams together. But, it still doesn’t mean I can take away his cable. πŸ™‚

      @ BudgetMama: ya, it is hard to cut back. I am thinking about now looking at what I can rid of to help simplify my life and possible make a little cash. I can do without a lot. But the rest of the fam… well, I am gonna have to chisle away at that one. πŸ˜‰

      Will post 5 year plan soon.

      @ shtinkykat: Right?! I totally would. And I feel this nagging sense to do so. Cuz really, I am not getting any younger. Its time to put some effort into making these dreams of mine a reality! So, where are you off to ? πŸ˜‰

    11. Jerry

      If you cut your internet, won’t that lead to some difficulty in updating your blog? We are currently living without it (and I need it for school and work!) and it’s a pain in the rear to head to internet cafes and the like. We also are living overseas, so we use the internet as insurance that we can call home to the States for cheap.

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