I love Power Outages!

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Okay, I don’t care to know that my fish may turn up up-side down in the morning or that all my food in the freezer went bad or that I have spoiled milk in the morning.

But I came to realize last night, after the lighting blew up a transformer, why people in the older eras were so darn creative! NO TV or ELECTRONICS to zone them out.

We lit a fire in the fireplace while waiting for the power to come back on. And we all sat around to really talk and read a couple of good books; even a midly scary one like Coraline – until my 9yr old couldn’t handle it anymore and wants it read in the daylight. LOL. It was really nice to be so kick back with my family. See, Unplugging does have its advantages!



12 thoughts on “I love Power Outages!

  1. RML

    I was only discussing today with a friend “How on earth did we catch up with boyfriends/ friends?” without email and mobile phones… We are both in our 30s but struggling to remember this simpler, less complicated time already…

  2. Kiwi Chick

    I think the impact of technology on conversation is terrible. I resent trying to have a conversation when it needs to fit into ad breaks! I love the times when we are on holiday away from it all – no television, no computers, no cell phones. Bliss!

    Hmmmmm, maybe I can institute a technology free evening once a week at home? Or perhaps I could sneakily engineer a “power cut”. πŸ™‚

  3. shtinkykat

    … which reminds me. I need to see Coraline on DVD. (I think I’ve totally missed the point of your post about unplugging! LOL.)

  4. jpkittie

    that is great! we love them too! I even love when I just turn off the computer for a few hours & turn on the music with dd!!!

  5. Alex - unleash reality

    haha this post rewinded time a splash as i read it.

    we had a string of almost daily power outages a couple months back. fixed now but also sent things into perspective for me.

    one even sticks out – and definitely falls in line with what you say about creativity – when some friends and i went out to party one friday night. power dies as we get ready to own the night. got all sad and bored that there wasn’t anything happeneing then – since i’d just read some eckhart tolle on enjoying the moment, decided that we should just enjoy what’s going on because it was what was. we started having a good time and landed up at a chinese karaoke bar and singing the old irish 500 miles song dubbed in our pretended chinese πŸ™‚

    …more than anything the conspiracy of it is cool. it’s like an adventure.

    thanks for reminding me of what it was like.

    all the best
    alex – unleash reality

  6. admin

    @ RML: LOL. I know what you mean. When I was in High School pagers just started becoming the rage! Let me know if you find the simpler, less complicated time. πŸ˜‰

    @ Kiwi Chick: I like the power cut idea! I told me son (14) that we were going camping and he was talking about bringing the computer! LOL. Not. I told him camping was about getting away from it all! Oh… their day and age of a teenager!

    @ Ms. Money Chat: I think the power outage is a forceful quiet time. Since, I can’t find the time… it was made for me. πŸ˜‰

    @ Over the Cubicle Wall: Yes, my daughter thought so too. LOL. Then we ended up reading Princess Diaries to curbside the spooky.

    @ Shtinkykat: Yes…. UNplug! LOL. Coraline is an interesting movie.

    @ jpkittie: kids and music… love it when they dance around the house. They are such a free spirit!

    @ Alex: I think that is it… we have preconceived notions of how “the night” is suppose to go. When we let go of those… well there is just a great time waiting to happen! LOL! Would have loved to hear the old irish miles song in pretended chinese. That must have been hilarious!

  7. Living the Rural Dream

    ahhhh how I love unplugging!!!! It’s true, you get to really ‘talk’ and spend quality time together. We have been unplugged for a week now and it’s been wonderful … although I can’t deny that having internet now for a couple of days is also quite lovely as I get to check in on people like you! People who, without modern technology, I might never get to know. I think it’s great to have a little of both – but always important to force ourselves to ‘unplug’ from time-to-time. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently!

  8. lynn

    Aaaah, power outages, where you gather ’round the candles or fireplace and play a board game or read together, or just go to bed early! I love ’em, too. They’re so peaceful as you realize there’s nothing you can do but go with the flow.

  9. Debt Ninja

    Living simple is pretty awesome every now and again huh? Nothing like a little kick back and relax session with the love ones. I totally dig the “clean” layout of your blog!

  10. admin

    @ Living the Rural Dream: I agree… a little of both. But sometimes I lean more towards the technology habit that I need a bit of a forceful nudge. πŸ˜‰

    @ lynn: Don’t you love it! Instead of resistance… you’re right, just flow with it. Boardgames and candlelight… perfect!

    @ Debt Ninja: Now and again… definitely. And thank you. It took awhile for me to find such a clean and functional layout. If you were here any sooner you would of seen the ever changing template blog. lol! Thanks, again. I like yours, too. Oh ya, and your ever so funny drawings. πŸ™‚

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