Have a Frugal Labor Day

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Labor Day weekend!

As I start week two of Snowballing my Debt, I am pondering on what to do this weekend. I really want to go to Knott’s Berry Farm, but that will not fit in my budget. (thinking: try, try, try real hard to stick to budget).

So, I googled and came across this article by http://www.wisebread.com/ that I thought would be handy: Back Yard Barbecues that won’t Break the Bank. This article offers frugal meals and activities for bbq family & friend fun. Anyone can benefit from the tips offered.

Other things I can recommend to do this weekend: go to a local city sports game, go to the beach, take a nature hike, or have a family bike ride.

What are some of your fun and frugal activities you have to share? Would love to hear of them!

Fellow bloggers, have a safe, happy, and frugal weekend! I wish you well in sticking to your budget and erradicating your debt!

2 thoughts on “Have a Frugal Labor Day

  1. Budget Mama

    Thanks Christine, I am definitely having a Frugal Labor Day. We will probably go to the beach this weekend. Other than that, I really have to get some paperwork done. I know boring! But I honestly will feel better when it’s done. Have a good one.

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