Hiking: frugal fun or mad workout?

South Fork Trail, Hwy 38, Jenks Lake Rd.

Forecast: Weather to be warm and sunny. I decided to make use of it and try out a new trail.

Start of Trail

I used to hike local trails with my kids quite a bit. Pre marriage, I used to live where the foothills were my back yard. So, it only took a couple of minutes to hit a good trail. Post marriage, just haven’t gotten around to it much since I relocated and have to drive a bit further for a good hike. Well, since this was suppose to be great weather this weekend, I decided to hit a new trail. And it proved to be a great hike! The weather was perfect, the sky was clear, very few people, and beautiful scenery.

My hubby

Mr. SeaDog walking the trail

Since that time lapse of not hiking, my kids don’t seem so keen to the idea of hiking outdoors. My son was away at a friend’s house and the daughter wanted to go to the babysitter’s house (bless her, she is the world’s greatest babysitter). So, I presented the idea to hubby. He, of course, remarked, “and miss the college Football game?” Yes, I was trying to pull the man away from the TV during Football season. lol. So, I had to search on the internet to make sure the hike didn’t lapse with the game. It worked out perfectly. Hiking 9am to 3pm. Game on at 5pm (USC vs. Cal).

ahhh, pretty

So, we made it a day. Packed one ice chest with snacks, water, and lunch. Packed one Backpack with sweatshirts, camera and more water for hike.

finally, fall is coming

First signs of fall – golden maple leaves

Well, like I said we haven’t been hiking for a while. This trail proved to be a great workout! Up hill, more up hill, levels out, up hill, come to Horse Meadows. Really pretty flat lands with picnic tables. Gives you a momentary break. And if the older couple (70-80s) could climb that mountain… than darn it, so can we! haha.

blue jay wanting our lunch

We hiked another 45 minutes past Horse Meadows. We saw that the trail continued to go uphill. At that time, we decided to conquer Dry Lake another time. Yeah, time to go down the hill. What a breeze! πŸ˜‰

look, he was spying on us

It was funny to see the people heading up the mountain were huffing and puffing (just as we were going uphill). All the while, we were taking it downhill with no sweat.

We hiked about 6-7 miles round trip. A great hike for a couple of out-of-shapers.

We got down the mountain about 1pm. Time for lunch! We found a quiet, pretty spot to have lunch. I brought Dill Bread, Roast Beef, Pepper Jack Cheese, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, chips, apples, and chewy Oatmeal cookies.

this is the big tree we sat next to during lunch

Tis was a great day! Here is the break down to our frugal weekend.

  • Lunch: $23 – splurged a little
  • Adventure Day Pass: $5
  • Gas: $10
  • And the Chewy Oatmeal Cookies were scrumpious!

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    6 thoughts on “Hiking: frugal fun or mad workout?

    1. jpkittie

      wow – your area looks simply stunning… that is how I picture my 'dream views' to be. Love the mountains – but stuck nowhere near them! all the more reason to get the debt down & then be able to retire somewhere that looks exactly like that — thanks for the photos! Beautiful.

      Glad you got to go have a good day!

    2. Shtinkykat

      Those pictures are amazing! (Love the squirrel and bird.) I’m trying to motivate myself to go hiking so this post is inspirational. Thanks! (The USC v. Cal game was pretty good too.)

    3. Money Funk

      jpkittie: I always wonder why I didn’t move to the mountains. Definitely all the more reason to pay down the debt! We plan on moving south of Tahoe in 3 years. Can’t wait! Love the forest. πŸ˜‰

      sharon rose: it was a very nice day and lunch was yummy. Course, the blue jay took a liking to our potato chips.

      shtinkykat: my husband is a die hard USC fan. he rants and raves when the game is on. I have to tell him to calm his blood pressure down. lol! I was very glad that I made myself check out this trail. I need to find a hiking group and get out more! I hope you find an amazing trail, too.

    4. Budget Mama

      I love to hike-I haven’t been in a long time and there are so many trails nearby.

      Your pictures were great! Sounds like a wonderful day.

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