Freeway Complex Fire can’t pick up my son today

Pics below are of the ongoing fire.

Yes, of course my son is fine. He is far away in another city not affected by the fire staying at his dad’s house. But, what is affected is that all the freeways are closed! This fires are affecting all these areas. The video they show on the news of empty freeways is really very creepy.

So, my son is far away at one end of this fire. And I am somewhat far (but closer to be a wee bit concerned) at the other end of this fire. Well, he gets to miss a day of school. I am sure he is alright with that notion.

Unfortunately, I have family that remains on alert in Chino Hills. Haven’t had to evacuate, yet. And hopefully will not come to that. Send your well wishes or say a prayer that no other houses will be effected by these devestating fire. May they gain a miracle of control over this fire to make it a better Sunday. ~Christine

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7 thoughts on “Freeway Complex Fire can’t pick up my son today

  1. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-very pleased to hear you and your son are from harms way. I sincerely hope and pray this situation is remedied as soon as possible.

  2. jpkittie

    sorry to hear that this is hitting so close to home for you — but I am very happy to hear that you guys are safe…

    our thoughts are with you

  3. Budget Mama

    Christine, those fires are horrific! I’m so glad your son is out of harms way and I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Take Care!

  4. Money Funk

    To all: Thank U for your well wishes.

    I can only imagine the burnt areas, the plumes of smoke, and possible wrecked habitats that I will see today when I drive to pick up my son. And so devestating to be right near the holidays.

    Thank U for all your prayers and well wishes.

    One thing I did notice with the victims of the fire. Many people made positive comments like their family being alright and that they will make it ahead of this devistation! It is a blessing to see such positive atitudes during a time of need.

    Happy Monday! -Christine

  5. PJ

    I am so sorry to hear about your situation hun!! But it is such good news to know you and your whole family is safe. and you are so right – the positive attitude all of these amazing people have is great!! Best luck and I hope you will get to see your son very soon! =)

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