Finances and Emotional Attachments

I have deleted the main content of this page, regarding my dilemma, due to the fact that I was self loathing and having a seriously ‘weak-minded’ moment.

Quick recap: do I stay and finish my degree (10 classes @ $7900) or stop so I can start cleaning up the finances and be sure I can provide for my son’s tuition in 4 years? But, I also have been going to school off and on since 1992, for a 4 year degree. And then, blah, blah, blah on my part. I listed the pros and cons and asked you for your advice.

What I decided to do: I am going to stay in college and finish out the degree (completion Dec 2009). I think that the $7900 remaining will be worth it. No one can take my degree away from me. These days I am way more self focused (thanks to my husband) and determined to stay on course. I promise to myself that I will keep with this major in Computer Science and I will complete this degree in Dec. 2009. I have a set goal and I will obtain it.

Why I think I needed and why I wrote this blog: I need to talk things out with myself. Get a little feed back. My mind is once again clear. I can’t always be strong. And writing is a good medium for therapy. Luckily, I can edit the self loathing so that you don’t have to hear me groan. 🙂

Okay, well in regards to finances and emotional attachments, here are two awesome valuable articles:

Simple Dollar wrote a great article on, “The Psychological and Emotional Attachment to What We Have and What We Want”. It really got the mind rolling about what emotional attachments I have with objects and money.

Also, read First Step Marketing called, “Letting Go of What You Want”. If you are able to really understand the article, it makes for excellent advice. You can find my self loathing response in the comments to that article.

Enjoy the read!

Sometimes, there is (negative) comfort to regress to old ways of thinking. And that is what the self loathing was – a comfort to an old way of thinking.

I am really happy that fighting to gain control of my family’s finances is bringing some wonderful and invigorating new ways of thinking. It will make me strong and it will make me successful, not just in achieving financial independence, but also to achieving a wonderful inner spirit.

“Blogging is great therapy!”

3 thoughts on “Finances and Emotional Attachments

  1. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-this is a toughie. Have you thought about having a family meeting and see what other family members think? Just because you may want to give it up doesn’t mean you are setting the wrong example to your children. Maybe if you knew what they all felt, it could help put things into perspective for you. Personally, if it isn’t going to make a difference career wise, i would give it up for that reason, and view the years doing it as an experience in itself. But this is only what I think!

  2. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-re read your overwritten post and good for you!! Sometimes we just need to sound off and thats enough to get focus for the right direction!! I’m very pleased for you-just think next Christmas will be a real celebration, haha!!

  3. Money Funk

    sharon rose: thank you for the input. much appreciated! I needed another person’s perspective.That is true – Christmas 09 will be a real treat!

    “blogging is good therapy” 😉

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