Even as the Market Crashes… I feel HAPPY!

The Dow Jones was down 770 points yesterday. The Asian Stock Market is falling like a house made of timber being blown away by the wolf. Today, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange is being jackhammered into the ground. It’s massive financial market Pandemonium… and I feel HAPPY. πŸ™‚

Why? Because I am gaining personal financial control of my money. Because today I have $600+ in my savings account that I didn’t have 1 month ago. Because today, I am starting to feel financial security for my family. My goals are coming to realization and TODAY, I feel it. It’s very inspiring.

And its funny to note that CNNmoney.com came out with an article today called, “Save for Tomorrow, be Happy Today”. Ironic that it would come out on the very same day I feel elated. Coincidence???? Kissmet????

Happy Tuesday, fellow bloggers! Enjoy today.

4 thoughts on “Even as the Market Crashes… I feel HAPPY!

  1. Budget Mama

    Wow, look at your emergency fund meter going up. That’s great!

    I know this economy is just really tanking fast. I get a little nervous from time to time, but I’m just going to focus on saving as much as I can and spending only for necessities. I also am trying to find clients for my new part-time biz idea.

  2. Sallie's Niece

    Yay! I know what you mean though. I’m a little worried for my future but I’m doing much better than I was six months ago or so – before I wised up to my finances. So let everyone else panic!

  3. Karen

    Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I definitely agree with you … Even though the economy is tanking, I feel a lot more secure in my personal finances than I would have in this situation two years ago.

    Taking control of my finances really made me realize how empowered I am. Living paycheck to paycheck put me at the mercy of outside forces, and made me feel out of control. Saving and getting out of debt put me in control of my own future. It’s a good feeling. πŸ™‚

    Congrats on your victory!

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