Day 7: Hope & Celebration

I can’t believe I didn’t bring my camera out today for City of Hope’s 2009 transplant reunion! Its really a special day because former transplant patients who have survived their cancer journey, the families, the doctors, other health staff come together and celebrate as one. Its really a neat experience. Tons of food, fun, dancing, speeches, happy faces..

ThinkCure is a collaberation between the Los Angeles Dodgers, City of Hope, and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles that are aiming to find cures for cancer. That’s why you see Tommy Lasorda’s pic with one of the nations top oncology doctor’s in the pic above. You meet a lot of neat people at this event (BTW, Dr. Forman is a very welcoming, warm person).

This was my day at work today. πŸ™‚ Good food and fun with coworkers and friends!

Left over pasta and zucchini sticks

Arugula salad, bread, bbq chicken piece, and ranch beans. One vanilla cupcake with frosting. Water.

1/2 Oriental chicken roll-up, sm. order onion rings, and a Beer to swig down.

1 mile walk and climbed 4 flights of stairs. See, made a conscious effort to not to take the elevator. πŸ˜‰

*So what’s up with me and my ever changing blog? Lost my marbles I tell you. How many times have I changed it since I’ve been around? You can probably count on two hands. LOL. I’ve had a few people mention that there is too much content on my blog and its a lot to take in. I don’t want you to leave because of that. So, I tried making it a bit more reading friendly.

*I am sorry to see that Mom’s Budget Files has left us. I do hope that she will be back in the blogging world in the near future. I know she has much going on and she is in my prayers.

*Small Notebook has a great blog post today about Live Simply By Staying True to Yourself. Are you living your true self?

With that… Have a great Friday night! My weekend will be consumed with trying not to spend except on essentials, continue decluttering, getting some good walking in and enjoying some quiet time. πŸ™‚

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One thought on “Day 7: Hope & Celebration

  1. Over the Cubicle Wall

    Awesome reunion! I was a marrow donor for my oldest brother. How nice for the Dodgers to be involved too!

    For whatever reason, whenever I hear Los Angeles, I always think of Tommy Lasorda and Fernando Valenzuela first.

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