Finding Your Growth Engine…Finding Yourself

Remember I told you that I completed an exercise that is helping to align myself with the person I really want to be? Well, I wanted to share with you that exercise.

This exercise comes from 7 million in 7 year’s team in training website. Even if you are not searching to become the next millionaire, it has some very worthy exercises to complete. I am rather enjoying the self discovery. πŸ™‚

Called Finding your Growth Engine. It helps you to figure out what it is going to take to reach your number, your financial goal. And, as you can see… it helped me figure out what I really am all about and where it is I want to go.

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I mentioned to you lately that I have been feeling this change within me. That it is time to live the life I yearn to wake up to each morning. In fact, in my New Year Resolution 2009 I mentioned the year is about “Keeping it Simple”… about connecting with life, friend’s, family & community. It’s going to be about finding the true sense of my life.

“Keeping it Simple”… Just doing.

Well, I have found out what I really want to do! But, a master plan has to start out with baby steps. Well, at least in my case it needs to be that way.

Master Plan = open Farm Market: Fresh produce, bakery, nuts, cheese, beer and wine. Fresh flowers. A small cafe’. A place to come by and relax. Listen to live music.

Baby steps…

Well, I would love your opinion. The object: to find the commonalities within the four rows. What kinds of things stand out that I could do to help raise money for the master plan now?
I see:

  • craft business: candle making, soap making
  • writing: cookbook or craft book
  • teaching a local craft or food class
  • But, I would like to see what potentials you make from this picture.

    9 thoughts on “Finding Your Growth Engine…Finding Yourself

    1. 444 Dad

      I applaud your progress on the healthy eating. Everything looks so tasty ! (I had an unhealthy eating day today) Keep it up !

    2. kath001

      Great meals and exercise! And I love your master plan. I may come back and leave another comment on that post.

    3. Move To Portugal

      Wonderful Christine; I’ve felt a change in me this year too, I just want to stop being one phone call away from quitting my job!

      thanks for reminding me about this excercise, I’m going to complete it after work tonight, I’ll let you know how I get on.

      Farmers market sound great, can you imagine getting up and being surrounded by fresh food and fresh flowers?

    4. Adrian J

      I’m glad that you have tried the exercise and find it useful; the ‘farmer’s market’ (perhaps with some crafts etc. in a corner of the store) sounds like a lovely idea … will it get you to your Number? Or, is running such a business part of your Life’s Purpose, anyway?

    5. Ms. MoneyChat

      you’re doing great! i’m actually getting encouraged more and more each day to try something much like what you’re doing.

      as for earning income, i think you nailed every option i could think of. oh wait, one thing that you could do in the interim is continue selling unused items like you’re doing now. my guess is as you continue to pursue a life of simplicity, you’ll find a lot of things that you need to purge. this is surely the case for me, i’m just too lazy to do an actual sale.

    6. An ostrich named Sam

      Great minds think a like. I’d love to open a small market stocked with local veggies, meats and cheeses, plus baked goods. There is even a store for sale in my area that it would be perfect for it.


      Kudos for doing a great job tracking your food and exercise!

    7. Shtinkykat

      Have you considered food service, if not a full-blown restaurant using natural and fresh ingredients? Your food looks and sounds so yummy!

    8. Sharon Rose

      Hi there-well done on setting all these goals, its great to see what you plan for yourself and what fantastic ideas you have too! Wishing you well on accomplishing your goals, I think you will be successful my dear!

    9. Money Funk

      @444 Dad: was your cake tasty?

      @kath001: Thanks! I wish I had time to take up yoga. I would love to hear your thoughts on the master plan.

      @ move to portugal: Thank you. I love my job, but the commute is a pain. I can’t wait for the day, too! Time to put the plan into action!

      exercise, hard to accomplish. I literally have to drag myself outside. but its not so bad once i make it out there.

      And a Farmer’s market… totally nice way to wake up. πŸ™‚

      @ adrian J: thanks for stopping by! I think owning my own business is definitely part of my Life’s Purpose. And will it help me acheive my number? Actually, I do as long as I reinvest the money into stocks, realty, and back into the business. πŸ™‚

      @ Ms. Money Chat: I think for me, it is time to take that risk to jumping the corporate ship and pursing what I was meant to do. I would love to hear about your path, should you pursue it. I think I would rather take the gander than to regret not doing so. πŸ™‚

      And the purging, my hubby totally agrees on the downsizing. Especially if it will help knock the debt!

      @ Ostrich: A store for sale, huh? Hmmm… i think it would be really nice. I know it will be a lot of work, but well worth it. And in order to bring in more revenue, I plan on holding local craft fairs, maybe garden shows, cooking classes… all extra ideas. πŸ™‚

      @ shtinkykat: Thanks for the idea. There are so many directions I could go, but which way?? lol! Hmmm… a healthy “fast food” place? πŸ˜‰

      @ sharon rose: so good to see you around! thank you for such wonderful comments. Now, if I can just stick to those goals. I am sure my DH will see to it cuz he is so ready for the simple life, too!

      Thank you, all!

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