Day 3

Ate well, but exercise not completed today unless stress counts. I had a pharmaceutical monitor come in today to keep me stressed and busy. So, a walk was out of the question. But I am definitely back on track tomorrow!

Breakfast: Hot tea, one scrambled egg and two sausage links

Work Lunch:

Left over broccoli & corn, white rice, strawberry yogurt, and one half peanut butter sandwich.


Green salad w/cucumber, bacon bits, cheese, dried cranberries, purple onion, sunflower seeds, tomato and green onion; cheese toast; and 2 slices of steak from last night

Sorry for the quick post, but I need to veg out today after such a hectic day. Happy Eating!

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4 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Northern Living Allowance

    Gosh you're doing well, even if you didn't get your exercise in today! I've done well with the exercise, but ended up having a brownie for snack/dinner…*ahem*. I have decided I need to do much better, so have hard-boiled some eggs and fried up some sausages (turke & chicken w/basil & feta – MMM!) for tomorrow. I love hard-boiled egg sandwiches…

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Move To Portugal

    My day 3 was a little like this Christine; work stress and then my camera wouldn’t upload the picture of my dinner!

    Keep going, you;re doing so well:)

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