Day 2 & Meal Plan Monday

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Menu Plan Monday (check out for more MPM links):

Day 2: Moderate Success

Breakfast: Green Tea, Whole Wheat Toast & an egg cooked over easy
(only green tea & silence are pictured here)

Lunch: Homemade mac & cheese with green grapes & another Green Tea (love my green tea!)

Dinner: Steak, baked potato & steamed broccoli/corn with lemon pepper.

Exercise: not much accomplished in this department. However, I did clean house by vacuuming, laundry, and then cleaned the kid’s rooms. Also, I finished up the gardening by laying down some bark to keep the weeds in check.

mint & basil for the summer

My herb planting from yesterday

Have a wonderful start to the week fellow bloggers.

5 thoughts on “Day 2 & Meal Plan Monday

  1. Shtinkykat

    You’re so good about planning your menu! I need to get back to planning my weekly menu again. I’ll start next month. Definitely next month!

  2. Money Funk

    Thanks. This way the kids can get their moans out early. 🙂

    You mean your are going to start Next Week. Hope your gonna share, too! Have a great Monday!

  3. An ostrich named Sam

    Money Funk, I add lemon essential oil to my soap as it’s the cheapest… LOL, but bergamont ( so not spelled right) would be my first pick if I was flush with cash…

    PS great work with the challenge!

  4. Money Funk

    @ Ostrich: thank you! Don’t you just love bergamont! That is one of my faves. And you just mix it in with the dry ingredients? Thanks for the info!

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