Day 1 Towards Better Health

I did it! I got off my arse and exercised! :)~
Sorry, no food pics. But I have other beautiful pics to share!

7am, crack of dawn Saturday. Yes, Saturday. Hubby and I walked about 4 miles this morning down at Hidden Valley Wildlife Area (and this was before my cup of coffee!)

seriously, need to rid of the mid section! lol!

see, i really made it

Hidden Valley Wildlife has 25 miles of trails with a duck pond and bird sanctuary. We definitely listened to may different types of birds. It was a rather nice change of scenery from the busy city. The funny thing is that even with the bustle of the city around me, this is practically in my backyard about 5 miles away!


our trail

natural water garden

And you know what… all this beauty only costs my hubby and I $5! πŸ™‚ Talk about nature’s beauty, frugal, and creating a tranquil experience. It was nice spending time with my husband.

So after all this we went to breakfast (finally, got my coffee!). I had a cup of Oatmeal, bacon, and wheat toast with Strawberry jam.

Then, we went home and gardened! Planted marigolds, herbs of basil, mint, corriander, and dill. Lots of work, but it all looks so beautiful.

Lunch: Turkey burger on whole wheat and grapes.

Dinner: will consist of light eating at a friend’s birthday party.

the shed we built last week

our new shed and planted flowers

Tomorrow’s fun eating and exercise? Hmmm… I’ll let you know. Enjoy today, its beautiful here!

8 thoughts on “Day 1 Towards Better Health

  1. Marcia

    Okay, I found your blog from Frugal Trenches, and I just had to comment – I have that exact same Maui t-shirt.

    Congrats on day 1.

  2. Meyser

    a 4 hours walk BEFORE breakfast? Oh my! But you found a really nice spot there. Isn’t it great how many quiet and green places you can find just around the corner if you want to find them?

  3. Shawna

    Beautiful!!! And great for you for hitting the trails. I’ve given up the coffee for a green smoothie in the morning, and I have more energy than ever! Give it a try πŸ™‚

    Your backyard and shed look so pretty. Great photo!

  4. Money Funk

    @ Marcia: Thanks! Let’s see what day 2 holds. πŸ™‚

    @ Over the Cubicle Wall: After all the years I have lived around this Center… I finally stumbled upon it due to my daughter’s field trip. I had no idea. It’s a great find I plan on trekking some more.

    @ Meyser: And before Coffee! Crazy. But, well worth it.

    @ Shawna: Hmmm… a green smoothie, huh? Well I like this idea better: a smoothie that taste like coffee. Hmmm… πŸ™‚

    (what do you put in your green smoothie?)

  5. Shawna

    I’m going to have to give that Banana a try. Check out my food blog for green smoothie ideas:

    Normally, I use hemp milk (or any type of milk), a banana, and a couple handfuls of kale, collards, baby spinach or other greens I have on-hand. I also add in one other sweet fruit like pineapple, mango, frozen cherries, etc…The color will scare you for a second until you taste it!

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