Cut your Grocery Bill in Half!

Happy Tuesday, fellow bloggers.

I was viewing articles in CNN Money and came across a valuable article I wanted to share with you called, “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half“. Of course, my curiosity was naturally peaked.

The article directs you to (I am sending you directly to the coupon page). It’s great! CouponMom saves you money and time by offering virtual coupons. There was a lot of coupons on products that I use every week, like kid’s lunch snack, sandwich meat, Cereal! We all know Cereal’s prices are climbing each and everyday (If you live near an Albertson’s, they always have awesome deals on cereal). In fact it was on CNN Money’s PF front page that I found cereal content is getting smaller, but they are charging you the same price. I was wondering why the cereal was diminishing faster than usual!

Check it out!

I printed $8.50 worth of coupons on products I use everyweek. So, its a start. I hope that you will all save, too.

3 thoughts on “Cut your Grocery Bill in Half!

  1. Money Funk

    sharonrose: I apologize for not thinking out of the U.S., but will be sure to keep my eye out for something in the U.K.

    aladyinred: You have hit the spot! I definitely plan making it a “game” to see how low I can go.

    Frugality will definitely be enjoyed when I see the savings on the reciept! πŸ˜‰

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