Credit Score Updated

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I am a faithful user of to check my updated score. I like the website because there is NO strings attached, no endless junk emails. Check it out!

Anyhow… LOOK at my progress! It’s fantastic! With the biggest increase from November to December!

  • Sept.: 664
  • Oct.:672
  • Nov.:685
  • Dec.:713!
  • “Woo woo” the fans roars!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend! πŸ™‚

    14 thoughts on “Credit Score Updated

    1. PJ

      what a fantastic site reference!! I always hated paying for my credit score…so thanks much for the new tool to use!

      and much congrats!

    2. Money Funk

      saver queen: thank u! yes, i am very happy with the progress.

      pj: you’re welcome! i use it at least once a month. I know that WAMU automatically has a credit score shown on a person’s account page too.

      sharon rose: and I hope it continues up, too! lol! And thank you for the words of encouragement regarding my marriage. we are trying to keep it together. πŸ™‚

      jpkittie: Yes, I really can’t wait to see that ultra high credit score! Hang in there… you are doing great even during all your obstacles.

      The best of Holiday Seasons to all of you!

    3. Cent With Love

      Christine – that’s amazing!!! I’m hoping to get mine close to that in the next year. Great job! You should be very proud of everything.

    4. Money Funk

      frugal dreamer: i wish too! its nice to find something w/o all the strings/junk email attached!

      shtinkykat: yes, yes… you should! great tool to have!

      moving on up: i have to agree. consider about 3 years ago it was at 528! :0

      cent with love: thank you. I think me paying multiple payments, paying off accounts via transfer has increased my score. I hope to keep it onward!

      Thank you, all for the happy thoughts!

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