Credit Card Interests are a pain in my…

I’m trying to get my Percentage down right?

But you know that $7,711.43 (say it, it hurts more: “seven- thousand seven hundred eleven dollars and fourty-three ceeeeeennnnnnttttsssss” we pay annuallyto have ‘pretty’ things. Bleck!!! I say, Bleck!

Think about what you could do with that much money? I want to travel. That amount of money will let my whole family of 4 travel nicely! Think about all that money that could go into our retirement fund? Or savings account? Or? or? or? You know, it plain sucks. Facing financial pains has it’s rewards, but it also has it’s “blecky” moments. Suck-le-bleu! <--expression of distaste.

So, what I was getting to… that interest my husband and I to pay annually kicked my Percentage up 0.02% today. Hmph!

Have you figured out your bad-debt-to-income-ratio?
What’s your pain?
I’d love to help share misery with someone. And then we can put our wonder-twin-powers (Hanana Barbara ring a bell?) together and work to making it better. : )