Cleaning out the Garage

Old Records

Nostalgia. There are certain things you just gotta keep (above).

My husband and I spent time cleaning out the garage today. Did I tell you it looks superb? I’ve never seen it so clean! We tore through boxes, threw away junk, shredded old documents, took pictures of the items going to be sold online, made piles of stuff for our planned garage sale, clean out cupboards, got the stuff piled on the floor, killed a black widow, swept the floor, dropped off items to the thrift store, recycled… we just CLEANED! CLEANED! CLEANED! Love it.

We made $37.13 in the last two days!

We sold our artificial Christmas tree for $20 and made $17.13 in recycling our cans and bottles. SCORE! For some reason I just want to walk into the bank and hand them the cash to pay down the credit card bill. Does it sound silly? The money is in my wallet. I think I may just do that for personal satisfaction.

Part of me found it a bit difficult to rid of some items, but I knew that someone could get better use out of it. Better to have someone using the item then to be packed away in the garage. And I was saying to my husband, “I love these! I am going to keep them”. But then I saw him digging out his past treasures and was kindly reminded this was a joint effort. We are selling our things to get out of debt. I took the box back out, set it up for an image, and am happy to sell them away (how do you price a set of crystal glasses? Do you know how to tell real crystal glasses? You take a wet finger, run it around the rim of the glass, and it should produce a harmonious noise).

And my friends, you are right. It does get easier to let go of those past items as you push more out. I have no regrets and am happy to release those items. Of course, there are somethings we will keep; the china set with no place to be shown, a set of dish wear, those old records (above). I am excited to be finding items to sell and am happy to know it will help us to get out of debt. Everywhere I look in my house I ask myself, “can I sell this?”. LOL. I told my husband we are hitting up the kitchen and living room next. I am okay with having less material possessions.

I never realized how much stuff a person can have! I am surprised at the amount of Stuff! What do we need 15 cans of paint? or 3 pairs of bed frames? 3 yards of plastic? Tons of young children’s books? A hundred ‘stuffies’ (my daughter’s name for stuffed animals) sitting above the closet? Tons of clothes in my closet I never wear? ETC…ETC…ETC…

I can’t wait to see how our progression unfolds with this Sell Everything Theory!

Anyone up for some Hendrix? πŸ˜‰

Like some Hendrix?

8 thoughts on “Cleaning out the Garage

  1. Laura@nms

    Great progress Christine, we don’t have a garage, just a shed that is full to the brim. I’m struggling with where to put my stuff now as our little box room is getting full! Roll on spring so I can do the car boot sale.

    How great that you still have records, Spandau Ballet are on the comeback trail!

    1. admin

      I heard about Spandau Ballet. Funny thing is… I will probably never find a record player to play this stuff again! Actually, my Father-in-Law has one still. May hit him up!

      Ya, it would be a bit hard to do a car boot sale now. I really wish we did those in the states. Sounds so fun.

      Getting excited to be quite the corporate world at the end of the new year? I’d be estatic! πŸ˜‰

  2. Ninja

    I get intimidated when thinking about having a larger residence with things like garages and closets. I am forced to live a minimalists lifestyle because I don’t have enough space for junk in my current apt. Hopefully you keep generating that extra cash!

    1. admin

      Thank you! I hope I keep generating extra cash, too! All for a better lifestyle.

      I can live minimalistic, too. But my husband and kids don’t always understand my way of thinking. LOL.

      Now, what does the future Mrs. Ninja think of living minimally?

      BTW: you need to do a post on how Mom Ninja raised you to be so responsible. πŸ™‚

      1. The Lost Goat

        Yeah, I hear the husband part – you are so lucky that yours is on board. I swear mine gets a new toy every time I empty a space – but he stays within the budget doing so, sneakily making it hard for me to complain:)

        1. admin

          Time and effort, Lost Goat. It’s not always like that. But you have to admit that is pretty good your husband stays within budget. πŸ˜‰

  3. J. Money

    Wow, good for you!!! That is awesome. And I SO want your records btw – would fit nicely in my collection here in the living room πŸ˜‰ LOVE that old-school sound of records.

    1. admin

      Thank you! I hope to keep this sell all party up! Time to live my life in a positive way w/out being tied down by debt and stuff.

      Glad you like the collection. It used to be larger but things tend to trickle away thru the years.

      I just can’t seem to part with them πŸ™‚

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