Becoming a Medicine Woman

I have $1818.50 Positive Remainder Monthly Cash Flow.

Sounds feasible? Not really.

Let’s divide it by the typical 4 weeks.
That equals to $454.50 a week for groceries, gas, & entertainment.

Constricting. I can be a thrify grocery spender, but GAS… well, I can’t really be thrifty with that. We know all Americans are feeling the pain at the pump. My husband’s car takes $60 dollars to fill and mine takes $34 (used to be $18 to fill it when I first bought it). While my husband drives 12 miles to work, each way, I drive 40 miles away (80 miles round trip).

So getting back to $454.50 sounding feasible. I am ready for a 60K tune up. That’s about $350 – $400. This doesn’t account for my monthly auto insurance payments restarting in September, kid’s clothes, Christmas fund… This doesn’t account for medical fees or prescription costs for the family (sarcastically speaking, I think I will become a medicine woman). The weekly positive cash flow doesn’t account for a safety net. What to do? It’s gonna take some rough riding. My next step: Completing a budget & build an emergency fund.
Did I tell you that my family is starting to feel the crunch?
My husband is becoming quite cranky.
He’ll survive. If we play our cards right.

With that end note: Answer me this: What does it take to fill your gas tank?