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You may have noticed that I have started advertising. True. I am doing so to help achieve My Plan’s Goal of building a $1000 a month in extra income. It’s my drive to get out of the Cubicle Nation (really good book!).


But here is the catch. Advertising on my site is a win-win situation. I promise only to advertise those products which I would honestly use myself and would believe you would use, too. My readers (that’s you), are important to me and this blog. I do not want to build the wrong relationship with my readers.


My Hopes. It is my hope that if you need a book or gadget or thingy from – that you will do so through my site. If you need an ING Account (with really good interest rates) – that you will open the account by clicking the link on my site. If you decide that you want to host your own website (which I don’t mind helping you set up) – you will sign up at Blue Host through my site.


Thank you. Thank you for putting up with my site changes, for reading my blog, for your support and cheers, for your helpful hints, for your input on blog posts matters. Thank you for making Money Funk your kick back lounge place of choice. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Advertising

  1. Debt Ninja

    Nothing wrong with earning a little money as long as you don’t compromise your beliefs. I am in talks with a couple companies as well negotiating some deals. Advertising for legitimate companies is A-OK in my book 🙂

  2. Mama Bird

    Good luck with the advertising. I’d love to hear how it goes. I’ve signed up with some affiliates too that I need to actually do something about.

    I’ve been a little de-motivated lately, but I’m hoping I can get back on track (in many areas) soon.

    I would love to make money from my blog one day…I just don’t know how everyone keeps up with everything to do it. It’s harder blogging with little ones than I thought it would be (as I type between feeding my 11 month old!)

  3. admin

    @ debt ninja: I think your right. I don’t feel right promoting products that aren’t reputable. I hope that your negotiating works some magic!

    You know, I really like the learning aspect of these process. I make a mistake, I try, try again. One of these days I hope it will be quite a success.

    @ Mama Bird: Thanks. I’d be happy to keep you updated on my progress. The affiliate market looks like it takes some time to get used to, but when I do… I think there is a lot of potential.

    I had the unmovitivated thing going too. What worked? I started making list. Oh ya, read a good book that will hype you up, too!

    Online stuff… a lot of work. Again, once we get used to the process I think that it will soon become simplicity. But with an 11 month old… well you have your hands full! 🙂

    @ anostrichnamedsam: Sorry, it is gone. Too may people had a hardship with the format. I could have kept the tiki hut theme still, but someone this is what turned out. Simple on the eyes.

  4. MoneyMateKate

    Hey, as long as it’s still easy to read your stuff, I’m happy. I don’t know the proper names for types of advertising, but the ones generated by, for example, Google, smack in the middle of a post is just annoying. So go for it – you never know until you try, and you’re taking a solid approach.

  5. admin

    I agree… those Google ads smack in the middle are annoying. And thanks, I hope it does work out for me.

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