About Me

I am:

  • – a mom of two great kids
  • – a wife to a wonderful husband
  • – a research associate passionate about finding a better quality of life for cancer patients
  • – a woman dedicated to getting her family out of debt & onto the right track!

You can find out about my family’s debt situation, here.

We, like a zillion american families succumbed to superficial luxuries bought through credit. We even cleared our credit. But we didn’t clear out habit. So we plunged back into debt even further.

What happened then? Well, I woke up one day and decided I was going to fight to own my money. That my family was going to fight to own their money. We were going to live a better life this day forward!

And you know what? My family may have just started this journey… but, we already feel like we are in control. We plan for things, watch where the money goes, and make wiser decisions. This has allowed us to create better experiences for my family. Money spent on outings no longer feel like a burden when we get home. Why? Because we planned for it.

We are better people for it.

And I hope that you, reading this blog page, is on the path to bettering your financial status or really, really considering it. What’s to lose?

Come, jump on the bandwagon and let’s figure out how we can take control and make life Fabulous!

Yours truly,