About Me

(this was the about me page for my old blog, Sookie’s Kitchen)

…about cooking/concocting meals with fresh, fruits & vegetables. Paired with the complementary tofu, meats, or beans & lentils. I like light, colorful & fresh foods with added salsas, vinegarettes, or a splash of olive oil, salt & pepper. This is my Cooking Oasis.

I am 98% Vegetarian, loves freshly picked garden vegetables, farmer’s markets, and artsy fartsy stuff. I am a cancer research specialist, a student, full-time mom of 2 kids & a wife who finds the whole cooking regime a good meditation from my hectic crazy life (everyone needs some sort of get away, right?)!

Here is what I believe & will probably reflect in my cooking (some of my belief probably stems from my work in cancer research): I am a big believer in eating in meal sizes from the 60s, incorporating healthy, nutritious food (5 a day, ring a bell?), and creating colorful plates. Notice I said ‘incorporating’, because those yummy desserts can well be enjoyed, just in (yup, you guessed it) moderation. : )

I’m not yet sure how I want this site to mend. I think that it will take on its meaninful creation as time goes on.

You’ll probably read about my daughter and her new mad baking skills (7 years old). She loves it! Or about my creating recipes from my Cooking Light Magazine subscription. Or about concocting all those recipes I have copied, clipped and saved; like any mad foodie. Although, the read could also be about a lot of those cool foodie sites. I like to add foodie blog references into my writings. Or about my life & its ties with food. Or about the culinary skills I pick up… haha. Just about anything, I suppose.

I hope you will enjoy riding along with me on my journey. Look forward to virtually meeting you on the Sookie Train. Ah, it’s late & I am whimsical (the late hours are the rare silent hours I get to enjoy). -Enjoy!

post script: yes, I loooooovvved the Gilmore Girls. And much miss the show. But, the name Sookie’s Kitchen is because Sookie & her food is Vibrant, full of Life! Quirky, I know but that’s me! 🙂