8 Ways to Make Huge Savings in Your Budget

How do You Budget?With the debt repayment plan moving slowly, I am looking for ways to save money and gain momentum on the snowball schedule.

And while it’s great to cut out little things, such as Starbucks and books, it’s time to make a significant dent in the debt. You know, thousands of dollars in savings, not $50 a month.

But we can’t slash my budget for items such as food, gas and utilities — although we can save some money in these areas, the savings are usually pretty small compared to some of the items below. So I’ve discovered some ways to make big changes to help our debt repayment journey.

You can live with less without needing to spend money.

  1. Move to a smaller home. For many people, housing is the biggest expense in their budget. Thus it represents the biggest opportunity to save — if you live in a smaller, less costly home, you can save a lot of money in one fell swoop. Obviously this isn’t a change you can implement overnight, but it’s worth keeping your eye open for an opportunity to make the change. Start looking around for smaller homes, especially ones that are closer to the places you need to go, such as work, the grocery store, etc., so you can save on transportation costs as well. If you get rid of a lot of excess stuff, you don’t need as much space. This change alone can save thousands each year. 

  3. Sell a car. If you have two (or more) vehicles, consider selling one of them to save money. Often we can get away with one vehicle if we carefully arrange our schedules. Take any cash you get from selling your car and use it to pay off some of the loan for the car you keep — or use it to pay off higher interest debt.

  5. Get a smaller, used car.Whether you already have only one car, or you decide you absolutely need two or more vehicles, you can downgrade your car so that it costs less. Sell your car, and look for a smaller, used model that runs well (preferably only 2-3 years old) and costs less than the one you own now. Again, potential savings of thousands each year.

  7. Stop paying interest. Some people pay thousands of dollars in interest every year. This is a very big potential savings for most of us. The key is to stop getting into new debt, and to pay off your old debt as quickly as possible.

  9. Stop buying unnecessary items. This is a toughie, but if you’re really serious about saving, you’ll at least consider it. Try tracking your spending for a month, and next to each expense item mark the ones that are pure necessities: groceries, gas, utility bills, medicine, doctor’s visits, etc. The rest are unnecessary — clothes and shoes you didn’t really need, electronics, magazines, gourmet coffee, etc. If you stopped buying these things, at least for a little while, you’ll notice a pretty sizable savings.

  11. Stop traveling. If you travel several times a year, or even just once a year, you could save thousands by not traveling. You can relax and take a break from work without having to leave home, if you learn to enjoy yourself from where you are. I’m not saying you should never travel again, but if income is dropping, you might consider a moratorium for a year or two. Each trip can cost thousands, depending on how far and long you travel, so this is a huge potential savings for some people.

  13. Slash entertaining/entertainment. Many people do a lot of entertaining — parties with friends, family or co-workers — and those expenses can really add up. Stop entertaining so much, or at least save money by making them potluck or during non-meal times when you can get away with serving appetizers. Similarly, if you spend a lot of money going out to entertainment — movies, theater, dining out, drinking, clubbing, etc. — you can curb this habit and save a lot of money. Learn that you don’t need to spend money to have fun!

  15. Cut out all subscriptions. Each little subscription you have is a small-ticket item — a magazine subscription could be $15-25 a year, for example, and subscribing to an online service might only be $5-20 a month. But if you subscribe to 3 magazines, and 4 online services, and cut out one of your cell phone plans or cable TV subscription (if you don’t need one of those services), you could save $1,000 a year. Some people have even more subscriptions and can save thousands. Not much compared to some of the items above, but worth considering.

Would you consider utilizing some of these recommendations? What are your ideas for slashing a budget and saving lots of money? Share in the comments!

5 thoughts on “8 Ways to Make Huge Savings in Your Budget

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  2. Ms. MoneyChat

    you know how it goes, if i knew then what i know now … well for me, i would definitely wait on purchasing a home. i’d be like the millionaire mommy next door, i’d rent something until i could pay for a home in cash. if i just couldn’t resist the urge, i’d want to put down at least 1/2 and perhaps not finance for longer than 10 years. yep, that’s what i’d do.

    1. admin

      That sounds like a great plan! I think it would definitely prove hard to save up for a house until you can pay cash. Then again, it might just light the fire under the arse to achieve that goal. Not a half bad idea there!

  3. Main Travel Guide

    Some good ideas here. There are also ways to make traveling less expensive or even profitable though, rather than simply giving it up. I think that goes for a lot of these things… If they are something you can not do with out there are always ways around.

    1. admin

      Nice article. Thank you for sharing. I would love to travel and make money (or even just travel for that matter). You are right, you don’t have to give up traveling. But, if you are in a position where you really want to get out of debt now…then you need to give up some of the ‘extras’.

      I’m a big fan on family road trips, but sometimes you gotta just lay low to get out of the trouble.

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