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Here is an IReport I thought you would find intersting. I skimmed the sites, but have yet to delve in its content. If you get a chance to read Adrian Cartwood’s methods for achieving Millions… let me know your thoughts on it. Hopefully, I will get to delve real soon. Enjoy the read!


Choosing to become a millionaire really means choosing to live a life supported by a million dollars in the bank or in investments.

There is a difference, as these 7 Millionaires … In Training! will be quick to tell you. [This picture is not of the actal 7MITs! as they have chosen to remain semi-anonymous]

Each of these aspiring millionaires were chosen to be a part of a unique 7 year social experiment being conducted ‘live’ on the internet right now.

Their coach is Adrian J Cartwood a popular personal finance blogger ( http://7million7years.com ) who managed to grow his own personal wealth from $30,000 in debt to $7 million in the bank in just 7 years using the same methods that he now teaches online.

The lucky 7 includes two doctors, two writers and a 61 retired police chaplain named Lee who wants to become a multimillionaire so that he can fulfil his life’s purpose.

While each has their own reasons for becoming wealthy, and will take a different path to get there, Adrian says that the underlying rules to achieve wealth will be the same for all.

The 7MITs would love to share their story with you here and on their site: http://7m7y.com

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  1. Money Funk

    jpkittie: you’re welcome. enjoy the read.

    shtinkykat: yes, i have it bookmarked for a later read when I have time. Perhaps there is a glimmer of some information I can harbor. And thank you! Lets see if I keep intact like this for a while. 🙂

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