10 Reasons to Downshift

Here are 10 great reasons to Downshift your Life (click here) (All 10 apply to me in the fullest sense!)

Feel like your life is going round and round with no sight in end?
Feel you have no control of your life?
Is there too much emphasis on work and not on family?

Time to simplify but not sure how?
Visit ZenHabits.net for 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life

grassThey are all great tips. But, I am dismayed as I start my journey towards acheiving a simple life. This is going to be a not so easy task! #4-Simplify work tasks, #5-Simplify home tasks… I try to do so and then that free time seems to get resorted to other needy undaunting work and home tasks. Perhaps I need to learn #6-Learn to Say No. Have any of you had successes with simplifying your life and keeping it that way?

Another good tip: #8 – Limit your media consumption. You know I’ve enjoyed the Unplugged Moments. The family seems to learn how to bond more (nice feeling to spend time with family).

Visit the sites and let me know what works for you in simplifing your life.

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Downshift

  1. Mama Bird

    Okay, I didn’t read the entire article (#8 limiting media?), but I will later. I love Zen Habits. Anyway, I would say that #6 Learning to Say No is a favorite. I am involved in a very active neighborhood group and I’m always saying no to projects. I just don’t have time for them all. I’ve backed away in a big way and only really update the blog and even then I’m trying to pass that baton as well. #9 Purge Your Stuff is a super big favorite of mine. Too much stuff stresses me out. I like clean, modern, uncluttered spaces. Mine is often FAR from that, but it’s what I strive for. I keep a Goodwill bag in my pantry and in my bedroom for when I find something to purge. When the bag is full, I drop it off. Ahh, what a great feeling!

  2. admin

    my problem is I don’t always get that bag off to the Goodwill. Like the one sitting in my hallway from this weekend when I cleaned out my daughter’s room. LOL. Then it will travel to my trunk where it will sit until I finally make that trip (which the trunk will probably have accumulated 3 more bags).

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