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My Business Idea: Raw Vegan Entrepreneur

I’ve started putting thought into my business. And think the plans may be rearranged abit. Let me show you.

I had thought about making products because I love making things, baking things, putting things together, etc…

But then I was thinking to myself, my goal is to help people learn how to eat healthy.

If I create a product, I am helping one area: adding a product to a shelf for people that are already raw vegan or have their curiousities peaked about being raw vegan. That’s one item (or two or three).

But my passion surpasses wanting to put one item on the shelf. I want to help people become healthier; to meet a niche group in a wider circle. And if I teach people to become healthier than they can teach those people to become healthier. Just by eating healthier can help persuade someone to do the same.

Do you see how the bubble expands and causes a ripple effect?

Awesome video by Jamie Oliver called “Teach every child about food”

So, after I blogged about my Biz Idea (Thank you! Loved all the feedback and interest) I just happened to run across something that peeked my interest – building an online business to coach, mentor, help that niche group of people in a wider circle. I know someone that already runs this type of business and then followed it to her mentor who runs in a bigger scale for this type of business.

My Financial Brain, as it likes to be frugal, decided not to buy the NOW products (as they are very expensive), but to map out these mentor’s business maps through researching their layouts, websites, and catalog/curriculum information.

Now, don’t get me wrong… along the way I will need help. But the beginning things I have an upper hand on due to me blogging and knowing about websites -n- stuff.

My To-Do List

After mapping general guidelines I’ve have my basic To-Do layout:

The order to proceed:

  1. Build a brand
  2. Build a Website
  3. Build a Blog
  4. Make my eZines
  5. Make a Teaser
  6. Network site
  7. Write eBOOKs that sell
  8. List Building

The list will continue, as I have more, but this is a good start to keep me busy. My plans are to blog about these steps as I go through them. There still will be a “Shop” on my link, hosting raw-vegan products, but that is further down the list. Then with the “Blog” I will still get to make/cook things to promote healthy eating.

Well, not to overwhelm with information, I will stop here. Your thoughts?

You do know that this type of information can help you excel with your website/product even if you’re not Raw Vegan. πŸ˜‰

New Show via ABC premiering tonight: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

The Biz Idea

Thoughts and Ideas percolating in my head. It’s time to get them out on paper. Wanna her what pours out?

I joined the The Yakezie Challenge started by Financial Samurai. It’s been great, as it strengthens my knowledge for how to grow a blog or to acknowledge what it takes to monetize on a blog (community, networking & consistancy in writing is a must).

Don’t get me wrong, I write my personal finance journey because I love my blogging friends, I need to hold myself accountable for my finance journey, and if I can help anyone out from my trials & tribulations then that is great! But, it is also nice to have the minute extra income to help pay down my debt, buy an extra Christmas present, or help to catapult other ideas or giveaways.

But for me, this challenge has also made me realize I don’t want to quit my full-time job to write personal finance related content, as it is not my passion. I believe you have to have passion or a strong desire to continue building your empire or one might as well not pursue it.

Looking for Inspiration

Recently, there has been a couple of outstanding posts that have smacked me upside the head by speaking my tune with the whole, “What I want to do with my life”.

Ryan from Planting Dollars wrote a great inspirational piece about Warren Buffet’s mind called, I Always Knew I was Going to be Rich. Ryan says, “it all started in his mind and with his unwavering belief”. I think we should all possess this unwavering belief.

The second, written by Moon from Experiments in Passive Income, was a featured guest post at The InfoPreneur called, “Clamping the Noise In your Head: Learn From My Mistakes. She says, “As youngsters, we have more passion and less care for details and consequences.” As kids, we didn’t research a subject to death and then not complete our task. We just did it. Maybe that’s the key, just get up and hustle our worth.

I bring these two post up because 1) laugh all you may, but I have always believed that I am going to be rich and 2)it is time to just get up and do it!

I tell my husband all the time, I am suppose to make it big. I feel it. And it’s not due to winning the lotto, but by hard work built by my hands. Then, I realize that I am not getting any younger. Either I am going to do it NOW or I will crash with resentment.

So with all this above, here is…

What I did realize

My 2 1/2 – 3 years of blogging and Financial Samurai’s challenge made me realize I want to beable to quit my 9-5 job to monetize on producing my own product and getting it out there with the helpful use of social media. I know what it takes now to get the ‘word’ heard on the internet by many people.

Many of you, keep hearing me yap about Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food, etc… This my passion. I can write about this for eons. πŸ˜€

It’s time I lay out my plan to you. Keep in mind it is still a work in progress and only the beginning of my empire (Muahahahahaha…).

The Rough Draft

I was always been fascinated with Mr. Roger’s show because of the factory tours. I love watching how things are made. It has always fascinated me, still to this day.

I want to create my own product with my own factory.

Forward on…

Intially, I was thinking about starting small, due to lack of capital, by starting a raw-vegan blog and writing eBooks to accrue funding. But, it is not my intentions to make the internet my main focus. I want to make my product a focus.

I decided, I am going to keep busy by coming up with my branding material, my merchandising designs and testing products. All the while building up a business plan, applying for a licenses and small business loans, etc…

And my blogging will take you on my journey. Of course, mixed in with our getting out of debt journey and Menu Plan Monday.

Now, if I can just stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. Whatchya think?