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Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial/Instructions

Supplies needed:

Paper • Scrabble Tiles • Square Punch (1” x 1”) or Scissors • Utility (X-Acto) Knife • Craft Glue • Mod Podge • Small Paint Brushes • DG3 Art Gel • E6000 Adhesive • Silver Plated Small Aanraku Bails • Bead Chain with Connector


Step 1:
Set up your workspace. I usually work on top of a wooden or plastic cutting board. You don’t have to worry about the surface getting ruined with you utility knife or glues.

Step 2:
Choose your paper! I use an old playing card as a template card. I cut a hole the size of a scrabble tile. That way when I shop for paper, I can see if the pattern will fit the tile. You can use any kind of paper; scrapbook, wrapping paper, gift cards, inchies (my favorite – try Piddix for an assortment), etc… You’ll definitely start seeing patterns in everything you touch! Holding your paper to the window, use your template card and trace the pattern for your tile on the backside. Using a square punch (really saves time) or scissors, trim the paper using around your outline (leave about 1/2″ border).

Click Pic to go to Piddix

Step 3:
Drop a small dot of glue onto the back your paper (within your traced square). Using your finger, spread it into a thin layer (I use Tacky Glue). Place your tile in the box, being sure to notice which way is up so your letter isn’t upside down when you’re finished. In this tutorial, I actually put my tile letter under the paper cut out. If you do this, make sure to fill in the letter with some wood putty or you may end up with a letter indent in your finished product. You can do which ever you so desire. Some people like the fun of having the letter show.

Thin layer of glue

Step 4:
Your glue should be dry in about 15 minutes. With the utility knife, carefully trim around the outside of the tile being careful not to cut the tile in the process (don’t you love my daughter’s nail polish color?). Scrabble tile wood is pretty soft.

Cut Paper around Tile

Step 5:
Now you need to seal the paper. Use a paint brush to apply a thin layer of Mod PodgeYeah for Mod Podge! (I use Satin Finish – although I really want to try the glow-in-the-dark kind!). Let that dry for 15 minutes. I usually prop a plastic bowl over my tile while drying so that dust or particles will not (accidentally) get onto my tiles.

Modge Podge

Step 6: (optional)
Sometimes my edges don’t come out perfect or I don’t like the way they look. How to solve? Glitterize! I snagged my daughter’s glitter pens. Then, blotting the first spot on a napkin I worked around my tile with a thin layer of glitter glue. Don’t worry, if it comes out too thick it is real easy to clean up with a toothpick. You can push the edges thinner or pick up the unwanted glue. Never seen a toothpick come in so handy!


Step 7:
Now that the Mod Podge and Glitter is dry, it is time to apply the DG3 Art Gel. You could also use Diamond Glaze, but DG3 tends to dry more clearly (or so I have heard). Do NOT shake the glaze! If you do, you’ll end up with endless bubbles (you really don’t want that to happen).

Holding the bottle at an angle, apply the glaze around the edges and then fill in the middle. Be sure to get close to the edges. The glaze won’t roll off.

If you get a bubble (will happen), just touch the bubble lightly with the pad of your finger (as if to pop) and it should pull out. You can also use your nail or a toothpick to pull it out, but I find that this is harder to do. DG3 Art Gel is water soluble, so it just washes off with soap and water. Now let your tile dry for a minimum of 3 hours. Put it back under the plastic bowl in an undisturbed place. I find on top of the microwave or in a book shelf works good.

DG3 Art Gel Drying on top of Microwave

Step 7:
Working in a well ventilated place, it’s time to attach the Aanraku silver bail. I usually put a sheet of aluminum foil or waxed paper under this step so that the glue doesn’t stick to the surface. Hold the bail with your fingers, put a drop or two of the E6000 Adhesive glue, place tile onto the bail in the center and hold the in place. Since the adhesive glue doesn’t dry immediately, you have time to make sure you tile is properly centered on the bail. Let dry for 15 minutes. Then it’s attached and ready to go!

Applying the Bail

Step 8:
Now its time to loop the bead chain thru your bail (you can buy this in the Lighting section of your Home Improvement store), connect and now you’re finished! Enjoy your pendant. And have fun making many, many more!

Finished Product(s)

Fun with Paper Mache makes for a great family day!

Child’s play, paper clay, glue, and paint and a twist of imagination is all it takes to make these little novelties.

To early for Halloween? I think not! Did I mention I love Halloween? We got the whole family together sitting at the table by getting our hands messy and tried our hands at fun with Paper Mache!

Einstein & Fred

a couple of Happy Pumpkin Ornaments

Einstein & Fred are chillin’ on top of our fireplace. Einstein is mine & Fred is my daughter’s. See how their eyes sparkle?

Happy Face Witch

a child’s spooky happy face

My daughter’s rendition of a spooky happy face. I have to say that she is quite the artist!

tiny red shoes for a missing giraffe

Who’s tiny red shoes are these? Why they belong to a giraffe that is hanging out to dry!

red the beer drinkin' friend

So for the time being they are being worn by Red – our beer drinkin’ friend!

I have to say it made for a perfect Sunday activity! It’s not easy to get us all in one place at one time! LOL! This was definitely a valuable activity.

Directions to Einstein & Fred can be found, here.

Scrabble Tile Pendants – Frugal Hobby

Instructions can be found, here.

My daughter has eczema. Mainly due to a Nickel allergy found in the buttons of blue jeans (and she is jeans and tshirt kind of gal). But, it also flares in intermittently during the summer months and the winter months (dry skin months?). I feel sorry that she is plagued with this condition. I hope that she will grow out of it. So what does this have to do with Scrabble pendants as a New Hobby?

She can’t wear necklaces. If a necklace contains any trace of nickel then she breaks out in a very itchy rash. The necklaces usually have to be sterling silver or gold. A nine-year-old with that type of jewelry on? Uh, no. LOL. And she love to wear jewelry. What little girls doesn’t love to wear it? So, I had to come up with an cheaper alternative. Tada! I found one!


My daughter and I love playing Scrabble! I once scored a 150 pointer on the game! Oh ya, this isn’t about me. *chuckle* But, the two of us like to play it on my phone when we are sittin’ around in the car. She’s pretty good at. It’s a great way to teach kids how to spell and how to use their brains in complex thinking. So, of course, this hobby caught my fancy.

Scrabble tiles: $6.50
Tacky & Super Glue: $6.50
Aanruaku Bails: $10.00*
JudiKins DG3 Art Gel Glaze Water Based Adhesive (4 Ounce): $10.00
Scrapbook Sheets: $0.50 – $1.00 ea

Total Approx. $35
Tiles you can make: 100
Price per pendant: $0.35 ea.

*These bails do not contain nickel

Of course that doesn’t account for your time or creativity. But let me tell you… THEY ARE SO SIMPLE AND FUN TO MAKE! And that Art Gel is really neat to work with! I am having fun rediscovering my creative capabilities.

Instructions can be found, here.

The Bird was my first one to make, the irregular-shaped funny skull my second. Now the daughter and I are off to find small peace signs and flowers to adorn with shiny rhinestones!

Do you have a frugal fun hobby that you partake in? Share, share… please do!

Frugal Fun Weekend

Well, I needed a birthday card but I didn’t want to:

  • one, go to the store and
  • two, I didn’t want to spend any money on a birthday card

I wanted to leave my butt planted here at home this weekend.

What did I do? Got frugally fun creative with my daughter in making a gift tag! We used some modge podge, a gift tag, and scrapbook paper. It was a lot of fun. We UNPLUGGED and spent time together. Cutting and pasting little letters from my stack of Family Circle, Woman’s Day, and Klipenger Magazines. Mom and Daughter. 🙂

Gift Tag

The tag became a nifty little necklace for one plush bear. Which I might add, my daughter did not want to give up. lol. Don’t we always buy gifts for others that we would want ourselves?

The cool part about the tag is that we used a sealer on it. Now mom will be able to keep it forever as a momento of her daughter’s 1st birthday.

Isn't he Cute?!

Again, I have to graciously thank Saver Queen for another fantastic post installing some great ideas in my head! I hope you all are having a great fantastic weekend. Me? I did all my house duties on Friday night and Saturday morning. And now I have a great lazy Sunday to do whatever I want! (Woo Hoo!)

Handmade Holiday 2009

I have incorporated all blogs into one. 🙂

Picture from “My Little Mochi site

I linked my Handmade Holiday 2009 Calendar under my New Year’s resolution blog post. Let’s see if I can keep it up! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress (with pics of course!)

I wanted to link some of the projects I found & will be making:

And if you happen to be looking for ideas like these above or more, try:

There are some great projects!

Enjoy getting Crafty! I’m looking forward to it. And don’t you just love that Mochi site? It’s simply adorable

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