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Releasing the bounds of Consumerism to live a life more simple in Nature. Releasing the bounds of Consumerism while paying down $85,000 of debt.

My family and I are like a zillion American families succumbed to superficial luxuries bought through credit. Once, we even cleared our credit balances. But we didn’t clear out habit. So we plunged back into debt even further.

What happened then? Well, I woke up one day and decided I was going to fight to own my money. That my family was going to fight to own their money. We were going to live a better life this day forward!

This is a tale of our journey (July 2008) about climbing out of debt by tightening our money belt, letting go of the idealities of a consumeristic society, and finding what it means to live a great frugal life.

Now, during this enriched frugal phase my life is taking a turn for the better. Living frugally entitles you to slow down in the world. I am beginning to discover two things: what is really important to me and rediscovering what was once important to me that I want to harbor again. I am learning to let go of the busy hussle bustle of life and slow down.

Reclaiming the meaningful habits like allowing myself to make time to listen to some really good music and phase out for a while. Or to pick up the glue or pencils and craft something meaningful. To just hand wash my dishes for some simple meditation. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Write in a journal about the day’s adventure. Turn off for the night a bit earlier to sit with my child and read a good book. Getting up a few minutes earlier to sip coffee and listen to the birds. The meaningful things. And I am enjoying learning to slow down.

Of course, not every part of this phase is easy going. Its hard to keep a family of four on track to remain frugal. There is always the glitz and glamour that does catch our eye. It is still and will always be a learning journey, too. I am learning that slowing down is not as easy to do as it may sound. That having all four of us slow down proves even more of a challenge. But, when we do start to get the hang of slowing down… our experiences are more meaningful to us. And that proves special.

So, this blog is about the adventure… the journey of my family becoming debt free one step at a time and evoking to live life to the fullest capabilities within our means.


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